nat routing

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    Trouble mixing public and private IP spaces on PVE host

    Summary: Having trouble mixing public and private IPs on a PVE host. Help! Details: I have a PVE host with a public IP and an additional /28 block (not contiguous with with host's IP). Everything works fine and all provisioned VMs have public IPs, which is appropriate for their use cases. The...
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    Hello, I need help, I have a public IP in eno1 and I want to link my IP blocks to my vms, I try to place them in vmbr0 and bmbr1 and it does not route: my public IP address gateway ip blocks Gateway...
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    Creating Vm without bridge causing warning.

    Hi, first of all let me thank you for this community and Proxmox team. Right now I'm doing an evaluation regarding proxmox setup. My proxmox version is 8.0.3. I want to create a virtual machine with 2 nics. I have 2 bridge on my proxmox host, one for wan traffic other one for internal network...
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    Prxmx VMS are connected to Internet

    Hi, I have installed proxmox on OVH, I have created a template where I could do a full clone to create VMs, but the problem is, the VMs are not connected to internet. I will give you the conf, maybe you could help me to resolve this issue. the host conf : In order to create VMs I have created...
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    Help with opening ports to the internet

    Hey everyone, currently, I am struggling with opening some ports to the internet. My setup is: - ISP modem with DHCP enabled (ISP ensured me that the ports should be open here) - Aliexpress box with PVE and some VMs. - One of the VMs is acting as my main router/DHCP server/firewall (OPNsense)...
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    [SOLVED] NOT again! NAT again.. (MASQUERADE failing)

    Requests from VM in subnet are forwarded to pve's gateway, but with subnet source IP. My masquerading with iptables fails in this common use-case: Internet <-eth0-> pve host <-vmbr0-> VM ( With sudo tcpdump -n -i enp0s31f6 icmp I get: 17:26:35.506557 IP > 94.130.yy.zz: ICMP...
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    Wifi connection

    Hello, Please I need some help to connect my proxmox machine to my WiFi. This is my /etc/network/interface content: auto lo iface lo inet loopback # Wireless interface allow-hotplug wlo1 iface wlp1s0 inet static address #IP of my WiFi card gateway


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