1. D

    Mysql - MariaDb Truenas file permissions not working

    I installed Proxmox and Installed Truenas as a VM. Inside Truenas shared a Folder (Samba) that I want to use as repository for my DB. In another server installed Mariadb and mounted this Truenas Shared folder. Everything was great until I tried to change the folder owner. chown doesn´t work no...
  2. D

    [HELP] MySQL Downtime up to 20m in a VM when running backup

    Hi! We are in the phase of moving from development to production and we have realized, while configuring the backup system, that the process usually takes up to 20 minutes to backup a node in snapshot mode. Said time is a problem because leaves the MySQL service inoperative during 20-minutes...
  3. R

    Bugfix in ZFS 2.1.5

    Hi Proxmox team, I came across an issue caused by ZFS that makes it impossible to run MySQL databases in Proxmox containers, and it has been fixed in 2.1.5 (look for #13329). I'm wondering what the release cycle looks like to get this zfs 2.1.5 on the repositories. In the meantime, what would...
  4. L

    Virtual users / mailbox aliases and PMG

    How does PMG handle virtual users and aliases? I've got PMG in front of Postfix. Postfix is looking up domains, users and aliases in MySQL. When domain is added in MySQL, I also add the domain in PMG with an API call to /config/domains. Does/can PMG know about the alias...
  5. S

    Mysql corruption

    I've got three mysql vms, running on latest proxmox. Server version: 10.6.5-MariaDB-1:10.6.5+maria~focal-log binary distribution. db1 - master, runs fine. db2 - slave, runs fine, no apparent corruption, passes mysqlcheck etc I am running backup to a proxmox backup server, but when...
  6. Z

    [SOLVED] High IO Delay increasing over time (MySQL)

    This is no longer a question, since I figured it out on my own, but I'd like to share that information. Spoiler alert, this is not directly related to proxmox, but more to MySQL maintenance, which might be obvious to experienced admins, but it wasn't to me. I'm running Proxmox Virtual...
  7. A

    pve-zfsync and MySQL inside the synced VM

    I try to use pve-zfsync to replicate a VM, and so far it looks quite good. The VM itself is a Cenos 7 with nginx/apache/mysql web site server. My concern is, while data VM disks will be replicated nicely, the data in the VM's RAM (mostly MySQL data) won't be transferred so the replicated VM may...
  8. TwiX

    Ceph ext4 mysql

    Hi, I noticed that the only way to get low iowaits with ceph is to settle VM disk cache to writeback. But it's not enough, with mysql (innodb) we still have high iowaits on high load. We have to disable barrier on ext4 mount options. After that, disk performance is OK. On a 5 nodes cluster...
  9. H

    On boot container don't start apache and mysql

    Hi all, I just upgrade my container from debian 8 to debian 9 and now when I restart the container with the button "shutdown" and after "start" from the proxmox interface the container start but the apache and mysql service need to be start by command line. root@host4-vm106:~# cat...
  10. F

    2 VM | Game, Web server

    Hello ! I use OVH game dedicated server , running VPS Proxmox VE 4 (64bits), and i have my own block with 4 IP addresses (one is non-usable because it's used as default router). So, on same dedicated i run at this moment 2 VDS with Freebsd and CentOS. If i try ping from one VM to another i get...
  11. L

    MySQL Geschwindigkeitsprobleme

    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe gerade auf einem neuen Hetzner Server (EX41) Proxmox 4 frisch installiert. Irgendwie ist das Anlegen der Datenbank Struktur (InnoDb mit ForeignKeys) extrem langsam. Die SQL Datei (40kb) enthält nur die Datenbank Struktur keine Daten. Anbei ein paar Vergleichswerte...
  12. P

    Memory problem with lxc + percona mysql server 5.7

    When I run percona mysql server 5.7 in lxc container with ubuntu 16.04 and upload big mysql dump I see oom-killer kill mysql server I use latest proxmox and all updated in lxc ubuntu 16.04 I give lxc container 60GB memory This host proxmox have just one lxc container and 64 gb memory Also I...
  13. T

    mysql not starting in LXC container

    Hi, i've set up a LXC container running Debian 8 along with MySQL. Everything was fine until i did a restart. Now mysql is not started automatically during boot. A manual try "service mysql start" has the following result: Job for mysql.service failed. See 'systemctl status mysql.service' and...
  14. G

    LXC: MySQL connection problems inside container

    We have migrated several LAMP containers to LXC, and experiencing repeated MySQL connection problems since then. The problems only happen inside the containers: Apache / PHP sometimes can't connect to the MySQL running on localhost. There were numerous occasions where MySQL has "gone away"...


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