multiple nics

  1. C

    Proxmox management interface and pfsense

    Hello everybody and happy holidays :) I got an intel nuc 10th gen with 1 ethernet and 1 wifi card, my goal is to install pfsense and use it as router for my real hardware pc/consoles etc as well for my vms. I got a USB type C 2.5gbps nic and passed it to the pfsense vm but here is my problem: My...
  2. K

    Mutiple NICS/Bridges to separate Routers/Internet

    I have 3 NICS connecting to separate Routers and out to separate Internet connections. I have set up the additional bridges vmbr1 and vmbr2, given them the required subnets and linked them to the physical NICS, see screenshot. vmbr0 has the 'Default Gateway' on it, and I know I cannot put...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] One Server with two NIC's, each in a LACP bond, kills the switch?

    Hello, I am trying to set up our PVE node on the network and am having an issue I've been thus far unsuccessful in resolving. The node has two NIC's with multiple ports (1-4, and 5-8), which I've set up for LACP resulting in two bonds (bond0, and bond1). The goal is that bond1 (ports 5-8 / the...
  4. B

    Using Separate Ethernet Ports for Each VM

    The goal is to have one node running Proxmox VE 6.1 hosting 4 VMs (Debian 10/Ubuntu 18) each utilizing one of the 5 physical ethernet ports (2 NICs). Setting all VMs to vmbr0 (NIC1) on enp3s0 works, but when I create a virtual bridge for each ethernet port (NIC2), no VM can be pinged from...
  5. R

    Postfix Mail Rotate outgoing

    Hi! We currently uses the routing of e-mails through different internet links (multiples mx to send e-mails). I use the script below for this purpose, that changes the parameter hostname of postfix, and in my firewall I rotate a source for output for a specific link) /etc/postfix/ 01...
  6. P

    Firewall not working on a single NIC out of two?

    Since hours trying to figure out what's wrong... I have two NICs both connected to vmbr0 (one with private and one with public IP). Here is how it's configured in proxmox GUI: Which corresponds to this within the CT-VM: auto lo eth0 iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet dhcp #auto eth1...
  7. V

    GUI for Multiple Network Cards & vSwitch Configuration?

    I'm somewhat accustomed to how things are done in XenServer with regards to having multiple network interface cards. For example, I can see each one and name them while also seeing their MAC addresses all in a unified interface, as well as configuring virtual switches. Here's an example...
  8. I

    Configure multiple subnets

    I have a problem configuring my proxmox server The server has 2 NICs and I want to connect each one to a different subnet (one for the LAN and the other one directly to the firewall for the WAN). The "/etc/network/interfaces" file looks as follows: # network interface settings...
  9. Coolguy3289

    [SOLVED] Cluster with Multiple NICs on Dacentec Network

    Hello, New to the forums here, but I am in need of a bit of assistance in understanding how to get a cluster to work with multiple nics. So here is the situation: I have 2 hosted servers through Dacentec. Both of them have 2 NICs, On each eth0 and vmbr0 hold one of the public IPs that allow me...


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