1. M

    Best practice: Mount NAS (NFS) to LXC

    Hello, I wonder what the best practice is how to mount NAS to a LXC? Why? Reason: I don't want to estimate and manage the size of the LXC data storages in a containers, etc. (e.g. jellyfin, nextcloud, etc.) + have all the advantages of user management etc. of a NAS system. I basically just...
  2. O

    Exposing LXC mountpoint to host

    Hi, I'm really not sure how to title this. Not even sure how on-topic this is but I really need help. So I've created an LXC container using turnkey miedaserver template and am using it as a file server as well. All shares are actually mounted from the host as I want the host to have full...
  3. G

    use old qcow2 drive for new vm

    Hello, i started my first proxmoxserver 1 year ago. Since i didnt know very much about proxmox i didn't run it in raid mode. Now my first drive is broken and i needed to migrate to a new server. I connected my old harddrive to the new machine. On the old server it was mouted as a directory and...
  4. A

    problem in proxmox disk paritions

    Good morning, i laundhed a proxmoxVE 7 server from a cloud provider with 2TB of storage when the installlation finishes and i open the dashboard, i see that my proxmox is using only a partition of 50Gb as mentioned in the picture bellow and the other portion of the disk is empty and not used...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Setting up a backup drive on boot disk

    I have a 2tb ssd with Proxmox backup server installed on it in a separate server to backup my Proxmox server. How do I create a backup drive to make sure that I can easily use 1.5tb of that drive to use as backups on the same disk?
  6. J

    Help adding storage

    Just started tinkering with proxmox to set up a home virtualization server. Im having problems adding another disk to my pve for ISO's and other contents. Proxmox recognizes the drive (/dev/sdb) when I do 'fdisk -l' and shows one partition(/dev/sdb1). I created a directory using 'mkdir...
  7. helojunkie

    Proxmox not mounting NFS shares located in /etc/fstab

    I am running the latest version of Proxmox and I am having an issue where when I reboot my proxmox server (not often but it does happen) my NFS mounts located in /etc/fstab are not getting mounted. I am using these NFS mounts within a bunch of CTs so as a result those CT have cascading failures...
  8. H

    Emergency Mode after editing fstab

    Hi to all. I'm a linux beginner and i have a problem mounting a virtual disk (Raid50) with fstab. (I apologise for my english) Here my disk panel: Proxmox is installed on a USB key as /dev/sdb. I want to mount /dev/sda1 (GPT, ext4), but when i add this line in fstab, promox reboot in...


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