1. C

    [SOLVED] VM continuous mirroring and network switching

    Hi Proxmox Community, I was able to discover replication and the HA manager for quick transitions of VMs and I am happy with that for most things. I just have a couple critical services that require attention. I'm wondering if it's possible to have two VMs on different servers have a continuous...
  2. B

    How to install Proxmox to SSD and mirror?

    I have some used server hardware I'm looking to acquire for new homelab Proxmox hosts. The only issue is that there are no hardware raid controllers in these machines. The servers however have room for two SSD's internally. I would like to install Promxox onto an SSD on Sata I and then mirror...
  3. L

    Mirror Server

    Hi, i got a question is possible to have 2 servers with proxmox running in mirror, when 1 of the servers fail the other continue without loss information Thanks, Best Regards
  4. J

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox + Security Onion without OVS

    Since there is a complete lack of SPAN/Mirror examples using Linux Bridges into Security Onion, I thought I'd post what got working.... Also is an example using multiple bridge mirrors, which is discussed but never actually shown anywhere. Disclaimer, I am still in the very early stages of...
  5. L

    Replication of proxmox servers

    Hello, i got an issue with my servers. I got 2 servers dell emc poweredge r740, i installed proxmox in both of them but the question is, how can i replicate my VMs of server 1 to the server 2 as a mirror? if something goes wrong with server 1 i want the server 2 works and do not have any...
  6. W

    Proxmox Partial HA Setup Query

    Hey how’s it going all, I’m doing a bit of experimenting and wondering if it’s possible to have several Proxmox nodes each with their own local storage, and the VMs on that storage mirrored/synced onto a shared store; then HA setup so if any Proxmox node goes down, the VM is read/run/hosted...
  7. F

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox Ceph Mirroring - Snapshot Mode

    Like i said in some of my previous posts i have tried ceph mirroring before, and followed the instructions available here. This worked great, but only if you just used virtual machines, and not containers. So this does not work with container disks, because you would need to enable the...
  8. F

    Proxmox + Ceph + Mirroring + Journaling not working for LXC and i cannot get snapshot mode to work

    So i have been testing for a while what ways i have to replicate VMs and, because i was using ceph, tried rbd mirroring, following the instructions found here. Everything worked fine until i tried to do this on images that were used by lxc containers. Then i ran into all sorts of problems. The...
  9. F

    Backup error on lxc image with rbd journaling enabled

    So i have configured mirroring on some images in a proxmox cluster with ceph. I have enable journaling on all images. But now i have a problem when backing a lxc container that has journaling enabled on its images. I get this : I have proxmox 6.4-13 and ceph 14.2.22 Has anyone encountered this ?
  10. F

    Could you use proxmox with ceph for geo-failover ?

    Im trying to find a way to use proxmox with ceph as a multi site failover cloud setup of some sorts :). So i have 2 proxmox clusters with ceph, in different locations. They see each-other via site-to-site vpn, and have configured mirroring (journaling) with rbd on a pool (on all its images)...
  11. O

    Ceph rbd mirroring Snapshot-based not working :'(

    Hello, I'm trying to setup Ceph rbd mirroring Snapshot-based between 2 Ceph clusters each installed from a different PVE cluster. I call them pve-c1 and pve-c2. Anyone here already setup it successfully ? A this moment i only try a one-way replication from pve-c1 to pve-c2. Proxmox VE 6.3-2...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] Send mirrored traffic to openvswitch bridge

    Hello all, I have running cluster with 4 nodes and every node has 3 NICS (lets call them eth0, eth1, eth2). eth0 is for management only. eth1 is for VM traffic. And eth2 is interface where is send mirrored traffic from our core switch. And I want this traffic to be visible in VMS which connects...
  13. G

    Does Replication + Mirroring makes sense?

    Hi all! Thanks for this amazing project. I have been "studying" Proxmox for one or two months and I quite like it. I have been wondering about storage replication and disk mirroring for a setup. Does it make sense to have mirrored disks AND do storage replication on top of it. For...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] all vms down and lvm-thin not backupable

    after this night all vms on one of our proxmox srevers are down and it seems that the lvm-thin has problems. lvs prints a lot of warnings: in the syslog there seems one harddisk out of these mirror raids to be defect: how can i get a backup out of these machines?
  15. H

    HA - Mirroring - Active/Passive mode

    Hello, I've check but I cannot find a way to configure a cluster of 2 nodes (mirrored) in Active-Passive state, so when the Active node comes down after X seconds/minutes, the Passive node automatically takes the lead. I would like to add that my virtual machines are stored on the local server...


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