1. A

    LXCFS high CPU Usage with high number of CTs

    Hi Everyone, I am encountring an issue with my LXC containers as LXCFS takes around 500% of the cpu as a usage and the execution of commands inside the containers is very slow . this the cpu usage of lxcfs "root 2475805 630 0.0 757080 20768 ? Ssl Apr07 868518:31 /usr/bin/lxcfs...
  2. C

    Can't start LXC Containers

    I've just installed proxmox under WSL (latest version) and it all seems to be running fine, except for one rather critical component: I can't run LXC containers. When I run a container I see: Running lxc-start -n 100 -F -lDEBUG -o lxc-100.log gives (I've had to chop out some of the INFO...
  3. M

    Problem starting container after dist-upgrade: safe_mount_beneath_at: Function not implemented

    Hi everybody, I am facing problems starting all of our containers on a pve node after dist-upgrade and reboot. All containers fail to start, VMs are coming up without problems. It seems to boil down to a lxcfs / FUSE problem -- full messages attached. Starting on console reveals: # pct start...
  4. M

    lxcfs.service: Main process exited code=killed, status=11/SEGV

    Hi Community, I wanted to know if anyone has ever encountered the following problem: logs: 2020-11-29T04:37:30.054129+01:00 hv18 systemd[1]: lxcfs.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV 2020-11-29T04:37:30.094752+01:00 hv18 systemd[1]: lxcfs.service...
  5. grin

    [SOLVED] restarting lxcfs kicks running containers in the balls

    How to restart lxcfs, or, rather, how to resurrect /proc on running containers? If lxcfs gets restarted by some or other reason all the CT's get choked: # ps awuxf Error: /proc must be mounted To mount /proc at boot you need an /etc/fstab line like: proc /proc proc defaults In...
  6. L

    Problem with lxcfs 4.0.1 / online CPU is not working

    Hi forum, I've noticed that lxcfs has virtualized the /sys/devices/system/cpu/online dir since lxcfs version 3.1.2, but it's not working for proxmox LXC: After upgrade the proxmox, I saw the lxcfs version has upgrade to 4.0.1, but it seems not working: Host...
  7. H

    Separate loadavg for individual containers

    LXCfs finaly has the per-container loadavg! https://github.com/lxc/lxcfs/pull/237 https://github.com/lxc/lxcfs/commit/b04c86523b05f7b3229953d464e6a5feb385c64a I wonder how long it will take to get to the Proxmox...


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