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    New LXC container freezes/command delay (Ubuntun and debian)

    Hey there. I've a problem with new lxc containers using either debian (12) or ubuntu (22.04). The container freezes after every command/there is a delay. Config: 2 Cores (Intel i3 12100) RAM/SWAP: 2048MB IPv4 static filled IPv6 static empty Nesting enabled by default Unpriviliged container 4...
  2. H

    LXC won't start

    Hello, Ran into a problem with my Proxmox VE. My LXC container, which is my go-to NAS, just won’t boot up after a reboot. Here’s the error it’s throwing at me: run_buffer: 322 Script exited with status 32 lxc_init: 844 Failed to run lxc.hook.pre-start for container "100" __lxc_start: 2027...
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    [SOLVED] LXC won't boot after PVE reboot.

    I get an error when trying to start my lxc container I bypassed it by creating a new lxc but using the local-zfs as rootfs instead of storage01 This is the error I get. run_buffer: 322 Script exited with status 2 lxc_init: 844 Failed to run lxc.hook.pre-start for container "205" __lxc_start...
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    LXC-Container startet nicht mehr nach stoppen - CIFS-Handle leer?

    Hallo Community, ich hab ein merkwürdiges Problem. Ich hab ne kleine Proxmoxinstallation, zwei VMs, ein Container (LXC). Als Storage sind per CIFS ein paar Mountpoints von meiner DiskStation eingebunden. Wenn ich den LXC-Container stoppe, kann ich ihn danach nicht mehr starten. Grund ist...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] LXC boot error after Hard Reset

    Hi all! I have just started my introduction to proxmox and virtual machines. I have a home server with proxmox 7.3-3 running on it, several virtual machines and one lxc container File Server TurnKey (#110) as file storage for my network. Tonight the lights went out and the server shut down. The...
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    Start LXC container (or VM) after an NFS share is available

    Hi all, I've spinned a VM to run TrueNas on proxmox 7.4-16 and it expose an NFS share that has been mounted in the Proxmox host: /etc/pve/storage.cfg nfs: nfsdata export /mnt/hddstorage/nfsdata path /mnt/pve/nfsdata server <TrueNAS_VM_IP> content images...
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    [SOLVED] LXC: 'network is unreachable' on some templates

    Hello! I have recently set up a PVE 8.0 workstation, with the following network configuration: [WAN] | [router] | (enp3s0) | [[PVE host]] / \ (vmbr0) (vmbr1) | / \ [OPNsense VM] [all VMs and CTs] where vmbr0 is a...
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    debian 12 lxc docker slow everything

    running debian docker 12 the boot// is slow and updating it running super slow is it to new to be running right now? if i dont touch anything it seems never boots but if i hit enter or esc not sure what one works but it will usually ask for login after in a few minutes. then installing updates...
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    [SOLVED] LXC failed to start - "Failed to run lxc.hook.pre-start for container"

    I am having trouble getting LXC containers to start on a newly created proxmox node. This is the 3rd node in my small homelab cluster, I have set it up to run proxmox backup server alongside PVE (baremetal, not virtualized). I started by installing PVE using the ISO installer, then I added the...
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    (Another case of) Slow container startup

    I am seeing similar slow startup of LXc containers to those reported in this thread and elsewhere, However unlike that report I'm not using docker. I have a pretty "vanilla" installation of Proxmox 7.4.1, except for the fact that the bulk storage is on a BTRFS mirror. This machine currently...
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    [SOLVED] Cannot start any containers after upgrading and disabling iommu

    I tried to get IOMMU to work. Once it worked every lxc container could not be started. I also created new containers which show the same error. I tried different disks on my machine. Even on the local lvm disk starting an lxc errors out. This is what I find in the logs: lxc-start 100...
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    LXC Won't boot and can't move disk to another storage.

    My Proxmox LXC Container won't boot up and I can't move the boot drive to another storage. I've tried migrating the container to all of the nodes and it doesn't;t work on any of them. All of the nodes are fully updated and the container is up to date too. Here is the error for moving the disk...


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