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    [SOLVED] Restore thin pool metadata

    Looks like, that thanks to a disk corruption, the lvm thin pool metadata volume corrupted (for example thin_check shows a transaction_id of 0, where it should be 494, according to a vgcfgbackup). My question now is, is it possible to restore the metadata somehow, or is the thin pool and it's...
  2. T

    PERC H355 and LVM-thin backup restoration

    I have a Dell PowerEdge T550 with PERC H355, and I was conducting tests for VM backup restoration using a 50GB hard drive with a backup size of 4.75GB. Proxmox is installed on a 2TB RAID1 setup, with a default LVM-thin partition and an LVM partition. When I restore the backup to the LVM...
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    Snapshot Überbleibsel?

    Hallo Proxmox-Community, wenn ich mir den Inhalt meines thinpools anzeigen lasse finde ich bei mehreren VMs Disks, die sich sehr wie Snapshots anhören, Beispiel: vm1XX-state-vor-ispconfig. Diese möchte ich gerne löschen. Gehe ich aber nun auf die Anzeige der VM und dann auf Snapshots werden...
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    lvcreate failed on webgui

    Hi, I get the following error when i want to create lvm-thin storage with webui: command '/sbin/lvcreate --type thin-pool -L17146179584K --poolmetadatasize 16777216K -n RAID6_1 RAID6_1' failed: exit code 5 vgs VG #PV #LV #SN Attr VSize VFree RAID6_1 1 0 0 wz--n- <16.00t...
  5. K

    Storing ISOs in thin LVM

    HI, I created a thin lvm storage and added it to one of my nodes. It all worked fine and it can store vmdisks. But i cannot upload any to it since it is a block storage, not a file storage. What is the best way to enable storing ISO images on it? Mounting it and creating a filesystem?
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    Best Practice bei der Einrichtung von Proxmox

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin derzeit dabei mir eine NAS/Virtualisierungssystem einzurichten und habe mir folgende Hardware schon angeschafft: ASRock Rack X470D4U Ryzen 5 3600X 1 x 16 GB ECC 4 x 2 TB Seagate IronWolf NAS (Raid 5) 2 x 128GB SSD (entweder Hardware Raid 1 oder 1 x 128 GB System...
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    Use LXC containers on a Thin-Pool made out of multiple drives

    Hi Proxmoxers :-) I am playing around with this since some time and cant seem to find a solution for this (propably easy) problem. I have got 2 SSDs which I would like to add to 1 (thin) pool - from this pool I want my LXC conainers to be created. By now I have made everything until I have the...
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    LVM-Thin will eat your data?

    After last reboot of proxmox machine running LVM thin, i've got into following problem: [ 15.801293] device-mapper: table: 253:11: thin: Couldn't open thin internal device [ 15.810909] device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table [ 15.829579] device-mapper: table: 253:11: thin...
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    LVM-Thin on iSCSI - how to configure it?

    Ho do I define LVM-Thin storage on iSCSI? Can this be done in GUI?
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    Managing the size of a FDE VM

    So I made a full VM and installed Debian 9.3 using full-disk encryption. Now, Proxmox uses LVM-Thin to store VM drives, which is smart, because LVM-Thin only allocates data when it is actually written. However, when using FDE, Proxmox can't tell what is written and what is not (at installation...
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    no local-lvm after deleting snapshot with failure and following reboot of the host

    Ich habe am 29.3. gegen 9:12 Uhr einen Snapshot gelöscht um Platz zu schaffen, dabei gab es einen Fehler, diesen habe ich nicht weiter beachtet, nur gesehen dass in der WebGUI wo ich diesen Löschen wollte, dieser noch vorhanden war. Daraufhin beschloss ich einen Tag später den Host neuzustarten...
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    Proxmox v5 extend pve-data

    Dear all, I would like to know if these steps are the correct ones to extend pve-data size. 1) new primary partition created at new disk -> /dev/sdb1 2) pvreate /dev/sdb1 3) vgextend "pve" /dev/sdb1 4) lvresize -l (current LE + Free LE of new disk) /dev/mapper/pve-data That's it - is this...


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