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    How to pass through a GPU on a VM from Proxmox

    I've been trying to find a tutorial or something to help me make my Quardo P4000 work on a Debian VM running on Proxmox. It worked fine on a Windows Server VM but I wanted to install Jellyfin on Debian and use it with my Quadro P4000. Can someone please help me make this work? I don't know what...
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    ZFS over ISCSI (High Load on Move Disk)

    Hi We have a setup of ZFS over ISCSI using LIO on Ubuntu 18 , and we have an issue with high IO load once we move disks that are bigger than 100GB, once the move starts the Load is low until about a half of the transfer is done, and then it's getting crazy high, our setup is very high end ...
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    ZFS over iSCSI uses iscsiadm?

    I have a mounted ZFS over iSCSI storage device using the LIO plugin. It is successfully mounted to my nodes I took a loot into the /Storage/ to see how the storage is being mounted. It looks like it is using iscsiadm But when I try to see the devices # /usr/bin/iscsiadm --mode...
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    vm-vmid-disk-xx numbering convention

    I was testing my ZFS over ISCSI storage with different settings, compression, encryption, etc on different datasets on my ZFS pool and noticed the disk numbering convention numbers the disks per storage appliance. The first disk you create will be called vm-vmid-disk-0; attaching another disk...
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    Unable to create EFI Disk on ZFS over iSCSI LIO

    Ive just configured my SAN to run as a PVE node/storage appliance with ZFS over iSCSI as a LIO target. NFS and iSCSI over RDMA is working well with the exception of adding EFI disks to a VM. Copying EFI vars image failed: command '/usr/bin/qemu-img convert -n -f raw -O raw...
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    ZFS via iSCSI using LIO/targetcli

    Hi, If I see it right, proxmox currently (5.1) does not really support ZFS via iSCSI on up to date versions of Linux. "Linux" support for ZFS over iSCSI found in proxmox today means "IET", which has been deprecated for quite a while unfortunately. I've looked into how IET support has been...
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    iSCSI Login negotiation failed

    Hi, We are using a ReadyNAS storage device from Netgear, which is running a Linux Kernel using the LIO iSCSI target. We are experiencing the following messages on the Netgear storage device which are logged permanently in an interval of 10 seconds: Jan 28 19:43:42 Storage01 kernel: rx_data...


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