linked clone

  1. P

    Unable to clone VM template after updating disk image

    I am trying to automate up to date cloud images for Ubuntu and Debian VM templates. Once a template has been cloned using linked clones, it is not possible to delete the template, so I just change the disk to be used in new clones, while the existing clones can still link to previous disk...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Ceph. Clone Templates Between nodes

    Hello community, My first post here. I have been searching on the subject and the posts I have seen on the forum and by search engines on the subject have not finished me clarify my doubt. To put in context. I have 3 PVE Nodes in Cluster with CEPH as backend storage for the VMs. In the ceph...
  3. G

    Linked clone support with Ceph?

    Are there any issues with creating a linked clone to a Ceph RBD share, or is there a faster way to do this? I’m trying to find the best way to share “live” data between multiple PVE hosts, with a high transfer rate. The VM images that I want to share are in qcow2 format.
  4. Z

    how to know linked clone or used by another vm/lxc before remove it

    Hello, as the title i want to make sure this is linked clone connected to that base image so how to know that? Best Regards
  5. vanttech

    Unable to Activate Windows 11 Clone

    So I am running PVE7.0-13 and was able to get a Windows 11 VM working and it looks great I must add. The issue began after I decided to deploy cloubase-init for Windows and that also is working as a charm following some developments on a different thread on this forum. However after marking the...
  6. florian-n

    [SOLVED] Cluster template "VM with name = debian-10 does not exist in cluster"

    I am experimenting a while with different configurations and setups trying to use a central VM template for the whole cluster. We are using a cluster with enabled Ceph integration. Currently the template VM is being installed on a RBD storage which is available to every node. Unfortunately the...
  7. Proxygen

    [SOLVED] Linked Clones For Long Term Usage

    is this also true for clones on LVM-thin? (source)
  8. A

    [TUTORIAL] limitation in creating a full clone.

    Hi, when I try to create a full clone from a virtual machine, I get a warning "" is there any way to bypass it? Is it possible for example in the configuration file to replace the type of disk from scsi to sata without data loss
  9. A

    Can change in Linked clone affect template?

    Not sure, whether this is bug, or do I missed something My actions 1) I converted kvm VM with qcow2 to a template. 2) Created linked clone from that template 3) logged in here via web interface console (noVNC) to the clone changed /etc/defaults/grub and /etc/ssh/sshd_conf files. 4) Created...
  10. A

    Multiple Windows guests in Linked Clone

    Hi guys, I have some technical questions. On my Proxmox 3.4 I have a Windows 7 Template and 30 Linked Clones around connected to it. Multiples physical users from low profile hardware computer (thin-clients) connect to single clone across RDP protocol, but sometimes some guests hang up or have...
  11. grin

    ceph don't seem to be able to do linked clone, and full cloning is slow

    the gui only offers Full Clone for VMs on ceph volumes; ceph should be able to create linked clones fast and easy (as well as light snapshots, by the way). Full Clone creation doesn't seem to use ceph and thus extremely slow. PVE full clone was created in 43 minutes, while doing it in the...
  12. K

    Parent of Linked clone VM

    I use linked clone. But the configuraton of VM not contains the parent template ID. I found only a pointer under the disk configuration. The system stores somewhere the parent template id of a VM?
  13. L

    Migrating a linked clone doesn't show as linked clone

    Hi there, I think this might be a bug or a feature that is not yet implemented. I was migrating from a single server to a cluster. Today I migrated a VM that was a linked clone. The process I followed to do the migration was to create the vm and then overwrite the qcow disk file. The VM works...


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