1. G

    [SOLVED] corosync no active links

    Hi, our new cluster is being prepaired for use and while slowly starting to use the cluster i see some messages in syslog: Dec 25 06:27:52 prxa06 pmxcfs[4868]: [dcdb] notice: data verification successful Dec 25 06:34:26 prxa06 corosync[5041]: [TOTEM ] Retransmit List: b819f Dec 25 06:35:35...
  2. P

    Filter or modify displayed syslog?

    My syslog on all nodes is basically page after page of: Dec 12 13:03:27 putsproxp10 corosync[3147]: [KNET ] pmtud: Starting PMTUD for host: 7 link: 0 Dec 12 13:03:27 putsproxp10 corosync[3147]: [KNET ] udp: detected kernel MTU: 1500 Dec 12 13:03:27 putsproxp10 corosync[3147]: [KNET ]...
  3. B

    Ceph RBD cluster, link: X is down

    Dear Members, I have a ceph cluster with the followed details: Cluster works on separated NIC, active-backup bonding, separated DELL 10G switch, and separated IP range on 10Gbit. My problem: On all of nodes there are some KNET link down entries when there is heavy load on some of node. I don't...
  4. D

    Corosync - nsscrypto: Incorrect packet size

    Hello, after upgrading from pve6 to pve7, the syslog of both servers is spammed with: corosync[8001]: [KNET ] nsscrypto: Incorrect packet size. After some googleing I haven't found a solution yet. Hopfefully someone can help. Edit (Solution): Related corosync github issue The reason was the...
  5. A

    Proxmox cluster lost synchronization

    Hello, Today our cluster lost synchronization. Most of the nodes were shown as offline or unknown. The nodes were up but every node could see only itself and few other nodes. Restarting the pve-cluster and corosync didn't help so we brought everything down and started them one by one. For most...
  6. Y

    [SOLVED] corosync crash when adding a 15th node

    Before I had a cluster of 13 nodes. I added 3 other nodes and within 5 minutes I lost the whole cluster. After restarting corosync 1 by 1 but when I start a 15th node I have this message: corosync[29232]: [TOTEM ] Token has not been received in 380 ms then after a few minutes the cluster...
  7. H

    Corosync 3.x: Multicast (for now) obsolete, use of Unicast (or knet) is reccomended

    I've been discussing this with corosync developers and they've told me this: TLDR: Multicast was only reccomended for corosync 1.x, because unicast was not tested yet For corosync 2.x, they reccomend to use unicast (Proxmox currently uses...


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