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    Proxmox 8.0.3 | Broken / on laptop keyboard running proxmox - How to disable?

    Good Morning All, I am running proxmox on an old laptop with a keyboard that has seen better days.. The keyboard will repeatedly type the / character all by itself. How can I blacklist the built in keyboard on the laptop so that none of the keys pressed on it register to proxmox? I currently...
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    Keyboard keys do not register at boot time

    Hi, I have a Proxmox server running in a computer tower. I am using display cable to get the screen of the VM on monitor. I am running windows 10 and using bitlocker to encrypt it. At boot time when bitlock asks for the password, my keyboard keys become unresponsive and I have to enter the...
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    can type number

    Environment: 1. proxmox 6.4-4; 2. physical machine Problem description: Create a virtual machine, start it, and enter the console, but 1234567890 cannot be entered, and the character and special symbols are entered normally.
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    Proxmox noVNC kein ALtGr daher kein |@€

    Hallo, ich vermute fast, dass diese Frage schon häufig gestellt wurde. Aber ich habe keine passende Antwort bei Google oder in diesem Forum gefunden. Daher die Frage: (a) Fehlerbeschreibung Ich habe ein Ubuntu 20.04.02 LTS in einer QEMU VM. Ich starte die noVNC shell, die eine X11 Umgebung von...
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    Dvorak layout

    I use the US Dvorak layout by default and have been struggling with a couple places where it doesn't seem supported. I'm having an issue with noVNC where it seems to force the qwerty layout and the choices I can change it to don't include dvorak. Is there a workaround that I haven't found yet?
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    Problem keyboard

    Hello, We have a problem during the use of the console VNC on the Web interface of proxmox. When we want to make one "" whether it is with " Ctrl + Alt " or impossible "AltGR" and in more it blocks us the keyboard. Oblige to close the console and to open again it so that the keyboard re-works...
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    USB Mouse/Keyboard Passthrough to Win7/Win10

    Hello there, I'm currently trying to passthrough a wireless usb keyboard + mouse set from microsoft. This set works flawless in Ubuntu VM. With Windows 7 and Windows 10 the devices seem to unplug themselves after some time. I can for example try a windows installation and press the "any" key...
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    keyboard issue on console

    Hello, i have an interesting issue on proxmox console over iKVM. If i try to write something, the input is wrong, for example in the screenshot, i tried to type in "root". What can i do? Thank you!


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