1. S

    root@pam user and key based authentication

    hmm. I don't understand why root@pam always asks password when I do this: /usr/bin/proxmox-backup-client backup etc.pxar:/etc var.pxar:/var --repository The backup-client is Proxmox host and should have proper keys to backup server.
  2. UdoB

    [SOLVED] How to restore a VM from encrypted PBS via CLI?

    Good morning, this is for preparation of a desaster recovery, I am just evaluating ways to handle a problematic situation. Let's assume I have a dead PVE a working PBS another PVE Node (in another unrelated Cluster) to run a restored VM; already connected to PBS - but with a different...
  3. G

    Browser Certificate - Apology for Asking

    Hello, I am embarrassed asking this... but having tried for a long time and having read loads of sites and posts I am no closer. I have the usual browser is not secure when accessing my Proxmox server... My setup... I use Kubuntu 22.04 as my PC with Brave Browser. I've read this page...
  4. I

    Problems install proxmox debian 11

    Hi, I'm installing proxmox on debian 11, but I have the following error: Err:5 bullseye InRelease 401 Unauthorized [IP: 443] Reading package lists... Done E: Failed to fetch...
  5. T

    [TUTORIAL] Connect automatically to SFTP Remote Storage and use it for Backup (e.g Strato HiDrive)

    Community, for my case I've been looking for a workaround to bring out my backup data weekly without creating a new pbs server remotly. For this workaround and my solution I'm using my existing external SFTP Storage from a german company Strato (Product "HiDrive). So let's rock ... 1. Login...
  6. J

    Upgrading from 5 to 6, can't run apt update (NO_PUBKEY errors)

    I've just finished following the instructions for going from version 4 to 5. That went fine. I'm now moving from version 5 to 6 and unfortuantely I've hit a bit of a brick wall. I followed the instructions here: up until...
  7. M

    Custom Variables Tab in VM, Template, Container, Host, Storage etc.

    Hello, Is there a possibility to define variable, that is accessible by proxmox API in each object type like VM, Template, Container, Host or Datastore? If no, simple tab with key and value added to all objects in proxmox gui will be awesome, because this will allow to build extensions for...
  8. V

    Unable to start VM:s

    Hi all! I recently had a problem starting up a VM on an updated cluster (4.4 to 5.1). I did everything according to the guides, first updating and rebalancing the ceph pool and then doing a dist-upgrade one node at a time. Everything is documented very well and the process is straightforward...
  9. H

    What's wrong about replacing /etc/pve/local/pve-ssl.* ?

    man pveproxy says this: Warning Do not replace the automatically generated node certificate files in /etc/pve/local/pve-ssl.pem and etc/pve/local/pve-ssl.key What's so wrong about replacing original snakeoil key+cert with eg. letsencrypt one? It seemed to work for me. I modified my...
  10. I

    Raw disk size issue with passtrough usb key

    Hi all, we installed Proxmox 4.4 using ZFS RAID 1 and 2 x 1.5TB HD. Then we created 2 VMs, one of these (201 VM) has a 230GB virtual HD (Virtio) and 2 USB key (passtrough mode) that Proxmox see as unused disk 0 and 1. The 2 pendrive are used from a software, into the 201 VM, to ckeck the...


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