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    Alert! /dev/mapper/vg0-root does not exists!. Dropping to a shell

    I have a dedicated Hetzner Server & I installed Proxmox on it. I have almost 10 VMs working on it. I just bought a /29 subnet and tried to configure it. I accidentally ran a command "ifdown". It disconnected my server. I went to VNC in Robot I selected Debian & activated. It didn't connect...
  2. L

    Failed to Import pool ‘rpool’

    A few days ago one of my server's hard drives stopped working, I replaced it with a new one but I can't start the system. I've tried everything and nothing works, does anyone have any other solutions?! I would be grateful !
  3. V

    Migrating to a New Node Fails

    Hi all, I'm having an issue that happens sometimes where when I create a new VM and migrate it to another node of mine (pve12-test -> pve11-test). VM created with: qm create 1170 --memory 1024 --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0 --scsihw virtio-scsi-pci --onboot=1 --ostype l26 && qm set 1170--scsi0...
  4. L

    PVE 8.1 Stuck on 'loading initial ramdisk'

    Please Help. Hello, very new to linux and proxmox, trying my hand with a home server, but having little joy. The problem at hand now is the PC hanging/no web GUI, but I will give a bit of background. I installed PVE 8.1 directly on a simple home PC (MSI Z690, i5-12600, 32gb ram, mellanox 10gbe...
  5. K

    upgrade from 7 to 8 hangs while importing rpool

    Hello.. I am upgrading a standalone server from proxmox 7.4 to 8. I followed the instructions and pve7to8 reported no issues. I've done multiple upgrades from 7 to 8 at work, but this is for a home system, and it's the first time it failed. After the reboot, the OS failed importing rpool...
  6. H

    System not boot with "invalid parameter for zfs_scan_issue_strategy" error. Had to rollback

    After the update, I could not load Proxmox with the 5.15.85-1 kernel - the invalid parameter for zfs_scan_issue_strategy error appeared. And I get thrown into initramfs I had to roll back to 5.15.83-1, which boots nice. Please help me to figure out what is this error and how to fix it? cat...
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    No aparece el indicador inserción de comando: (initramfs) Por consecuente, no puedo ejecutar ningún comando. Surgió un imprevisto eléctrico en la zona y los bancos de corriente no pudieron soportar el tiempo suficiente para el arreglo del sistema eléctrico, por lo que los servidores se...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Systemctl status 'degraded' after using mkinitcpio to re-generate initramfs

    I need help to get my server working right, not sure what caused the issue. I think is related to the steps I following when I was trying to make GPU Passthrough to a VM, I had trouble to make it work, so I tried to bind vfio-pci via device ID, then I was trying to load vfio-pci early using...
  9. T

    When disabling CSM (Compatibility Support Module) Proxmox won't boot

    Hi guys, Nowadays I usually boot with CSM (Compatibility Support Module) on via Legacy mode. However I would like to boot using UEFI mode so when I turn of CSM and boot it will throw me into initramfs and throw me an error. The error is "Cannot import 'rpool' unsupported version or feature"...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Accidentally deleted root=ZFS=rpool in kernel/cmdline and boot hangs

    Hello, Urgently need help. I have research work data on it:oops: Story: My GPU passthrough has been working well on both 6.2.55 and 65. Because I used update-initramfs -u -k all, both .55 and .65 has GPU frame buffer disable thus no host display out. I was trying to reverse GPU passthrough...
  11. I

    [SOLVED] rpool import issue - recovery after power failure

    This morning we had some power outage issue on our server room, all nodes recovered except one. This node is part of (one of three) ceph cluster , (pools are set to replication 3) so the data is safe and the cluster is stable, (excluding ceph warning) Any idea how i can fix it?
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Moving to NVMe, initrd doesn't creates /dev/nvme* nodes

    Running recent & updated proxmox 5.2. It was installed on SATA drive, but now I want to move it to NVMe drives. MB has the support for UEFI boot from NVMe. So I've created a GPT partition on NVMe. 512Mb FAT32 partition with ESP flag, and rest are for linux RAID partition where LVM volume will...
  13. M

    vmware to kvm convert initramfs failed boot redhat7 or centos7 (solved)

    For your help: When you convert a vm with redhat7 or centos7 and it failed boot with "dracut-initqueue timeout", rootfs, swapfs not found, then the reason is, the modules for "virtio_scsi" are not found and are not installed. Before you convert the machine do: Thanks for your work!


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