1. P

    [SOLVED] Cat get any gid mapping to work

    Hi, I'm trying to map a few groups ID in unprivileged containers. As much as I try, my container will not start. I'm trying to map group 44 on host to group 44 in a container. Error message when trying to start the container: explicitly configured lxc.apparmor.profile overrides the following...
  2. B

    Do idmaps for bind mounts in multiple unprivileged containers require separate users?

    Hi folks, I have been using the unprivileged containers wiki guide to bind mount a directory for containerA (uid+guid 1000), which works grand. When I tried to do a similar thing for a separate mount point for containerB (also uid+gid 1000), things went awry. Using the same idmap lxc config...
  3. M

    lxc.idmap differing from 100000

    Hi, for better auditing what's happening in our containers I'd like to change their idmaps to distinct values. Besides their filesystems, is there something I'd need to consider doing so? Will it break PVE and result in a flaming pile of hardware? Bests, Masin
  4. E

    idmap of roots

    Hello, I can't find anywhere how to idmap root in the host with root in a container. I do not have other users at the moment. Root uid and gid is 0 and all example expect some number which makes it confusing. Can somebody help? Regards Here is what I have: /etc/pve/lxc/101.conf: arch: amd64...
  5. V

    Understanding lxc.idmap, /etc/sub{u,g}id, cannot login as root, root lost permissions?

    Hi, I'm a proxmox-noob, been messing around with lxc.idmap, /etc/sub{u,g}id etc and I finally got something working but I cannot login as root and when I "cheat" using "pct enter 101" it's like the root user lost his root permissions so this is really weird and I've been googling around, trying...
  6. M

    newuidmap: uid range [1100-1101) -> [1100-1101) not allowed

    Hi Community, I'm trying to configure my unprivileged container with id mapping (PVE 6.2). Following the documentation here :, my container failed to start with the error below : Is there a range that we cannot map ? In my container...
  7. D

    Tool to generate syntax for LXC unprivileged uid/gid mappings.

    Wrote it for myself, but others may benefit from it.
  8. V

    permissions in /home messed after adding some idmap

    Hello, I'd like to setup unprivileged containers with glusterfs mount in it. The idea is to have 1 ansible controller in each datacenter, so, in case we lost a datacenter connectivity, we still be able to run playbooks from the other datacenter. So, my lxc.idmap does the job for the bind mount...
  9. R

    Restoring a unprivileged container with custom idmap results in nouser/nobody folders

    Hi, I created a unprivileged container and created a user with ID 1003 (user1) in it. I wanted to map that user to a user with ID 200001 (user1) from the Host system, so I can attach a external hard drive and map it inside the container and administrate it from the Host with a meaningful user...


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