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    Configure HA Cluster

    Hello. I'm new to proxmox and I'm trying to configure a High Availability Cluster with two nodes. I have some VMs in one of the servers (node 1), and, in case it gets down, I wanted them to continue operating in node 2 without losing information. Currently, I am using an external vote to...
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    About multipath and lvm

    Hello everyone, I have configured 5 Proxmox nodes to use FC multipath. The only way to achieve high availability is to mount them as LVM, but LVM does not seem to support QCOW2 format disks. I want thin disks, otherwise disk resources will be consumed quickly, but I also want HA. Is there any...
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    High Availability Configuration for Templates?

    Hi guys, I've setup a HA cluster and added all the VMs. I have a question.... if I have VMs that are linked clones ... do I need to also HA the original templates? I have a shared storage for the VMs. Thanks
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    3 Node Proxmox HA Cluster (NUT Shutdown) / Shutdown Policy

    Hallo, ich betreibe mehrere 3 Node PVE HA Cluster (7.2-7) ohne Ceph (nur lokales ZFS mit Replication). Alle drei PVE Server sind an eine USV/UPS angeschlossen, welche bei niedrigem Batteriestand den Shutdown triggert. d.h. Alle drei Nodes werden (mehr oder weniger) Zeitversetzt...
  5. S

    Shutdown VM on failover to free resources

    The following scenario: Node 1 & 2 are a HA cluster. Node 1 hosts VM 1 Node 2 hosts VM 2 & VM 3 -> Node 1 crashes. VM 1 is handed over to node 2 by HA job. Is there a way to automatically shutdown VM 3 (low prio) to free resources on Node 2 for the downtime of Node 1 (duration of failover)?
  6. L

    Issues with Fencing and logs being deleted

    Hello, We are having issues with one particular server proxmox 6.4 Proliant DL360 GEN9. Cluster fence it then, server goes down, logs being wiped off. Any suggestion how to fix, troubleshoot, its only this server that is having issues, but hardware seems to show no errors? Much appreciated. Ladi
  7. B

    Cluster can support 20000 mailbox?

    Hello, Wanted to ask if proxmox mail getway can support 22000 mailbox? and if so, can we use HA structure in different network segment?
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    Disabled / enabled spontaneously 1 node proxmox

    Hi! I have a proxmox cluster of 3 nodes, (node1, node2, node3) but 2 days ago I started to see a picture of how the cluster is losing node2. This node is active, it works, the VM continues to work on it, I have access via ssh and web. All nodes see it on the network. This problem prevents VM...
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    Going from Single Node to 3 Node HA

    Hi all, long time lurker, new poster, please be gentle! :p I've been running a single node with 8 VMs in production for the best part of 2 years now and happily, it has been rock solid. I also have a second node which I use for test VMs and I also run a Windows 10 VM which I use as my...
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    HA - backup mode stop

    Hi folks, I was wondering if there is any way to perform a 'stop' mode backup at HA controlled VMs or if anyone has a sweet solution for this. Cannot execute a backup with stop mode on a HA managed and enabled Service. Use snapshot mode or disable the Service. This is the regular status...
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    [SOLVED] Solved.

    Solved after read the manual carefully.
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    [SOLVED] Node configuration

    Hi all. I wanna ask a few questions: 1. if proxmox nodes in HA cluster must have the same specs (ram, cores). Ive read the documentation for HA but im not sure if it is implied that nodes must have the same specs. i will create a test cluster anyways this week, but would save me time if i have...
  13. A

    Problem after network failure

    Hey Everyone, We recently had a network failure in one of our data centers. The network failure caused all of the proxmox nodes in our customer to fence themselves. They're back up an running, and the cluster shows all nodes in, but we're having the following issues: 1. HA no longer works...
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    ha-crm unable to read file

    We've been working on upgrading our proxmox/ceph cluster to new machines and 10G for ceph. Another system engineer was in the process of removing 2 nodes from the cluster. He followed a tutorial that suggested manually removing the old nodes from /etc/pve/nodes. This was obviously false...
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    Proxmox HA, start VM on two nodes

    I'm planning for a Proxmox cluster consisting of 3 nodes for compute and 3 different nodes for Ceph with SSD, And it's important for me to have HA but I'm concerned about possibility of starting an already running VM on different node by HA controller in case of a network issue. Does proxmox...
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    Slim down Promxmox? Disable corosync, pve-ha services?

    Hi, I'm running a single node Proxmox server as my homelab. Is it possible to disable / switch off unncessary services? What services could I switch off? pve-ha-lrm pve-ha-crm spiceproxy (don't use) corosync Probably some (all) are vital, but I'd appreciate some insights on what I could...
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    HA Migration just does nothing

    Hi there, we're playing around with Proxmox VE 5.4-3 for evaluation. After enabling HA for a VM, the VM cannot be migrated anymore. Task logs: Requesting HA migration for VM 118 to node pxm01 TASK OK It says nothing more, but does actually nothing. Same happens when we try it from cmdline (qm...
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    Best option for getting HA to work across two servers?

    Hi, I recently scored a good deal on two used Fujitsu TX100 S3p servers. I seem to remember Proxmox supporting the use of a quorum disk to replace the third required node in a cluster so I wanted to set these two servers up as a HA Proxmox cluster with external iSCSI storage. However the...
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    HA Migration of VMs using local devices

    Hi There, I've seen this raised a couple of years back (https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/migrate-vm-with-local-devices.17369/#post-88296) and I'm wondering what is the best / recommended method for migrating a VM (with Intel IGP passthrough enabled) from one node to another? Currently, my VM...
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    HA Cluster for LXC Storage Selection

    Good Morning, We would like to create following setup: - HA Cluster with 2 or 3 proxmox nodes. Later there should be around 50 LXC Containers running on top of it - This Cluster will only be used for LXC Container. So there are no requirements for VM usage - Required are all Features...


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