grey question mark

  1. P

    Proxmox VE from 7.4 to 8.0.4 Since upgrade got error frequently grey icon question mark

    Proxmox VE from 7.4 to 8.0.4 Since upgrade got error frequently grey icon question mark, Mostly tries services restart like service pvestatd restart, pveproxy but no success. hardware used is AMD Ryzen 7 5700x with 64 gb ram and 512 gb ssd , faced daily grey out with question mark error using...
  2. helojunkie

    [SOLVED] One node in cluster going Grey in GUI after upgrading to 8.0.4

    I have a 6-node cluster that I recently (two nights ago) upgraded to 8.0.4. This cluster has been going strong with no issues at all until after the upgrade to 8.0.4. The upgrade went smoothly with zero issues at all. Now, one node in the cluster keeps 'greying out' on the GUI. I rebooted the...
  3. Z

    mark question offline node and disk hangs on lvcreate/disk move

    Hello, when try to disk move to another Storage the task stuck on 0% and when cancel it then the web GUI goes offline and after check `/var/lock/lvm` is locked P_global V_thin2 # ls /var/lock/lvm P_global V_thin2 /var/lock/lvm# lsof P_global...
  4. C

    Proxmox Grey Question Mark

    Dears, Few months back I installed Proxmox VE 7.4.3 and everything is great. Since last week my host gets stuck with "Grey question mark" and I was unable to find out what is the issue, and the only way to solve this is by just rebooting the entire host. Nothing useful to read in the syslogs...
  5. R

    a new added node shows grey question mark when access from a specific node

    I have never seen this before so no idea what could be causing it. I have a 7 node cluster. From web GUI node07 -> node1 - works no grey question mark on VM's From web GUInode06 -> node1 - works no grey question mark on VM's From web GUInode05 -> node1 - works no grey question mark on VM's...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] pve and all VM Grey with Question Mark, but all VM still working

    Hi Team, This morning I checked PVE, All VM grey with status "unknown" I don't know what happened. But All VM and and iscsi storage runing well,, Which part should I check first? thanks
  7. B

    Accidentally deleted /var/log, cluster having massive issues

    Hi there, I was trying to do routine clearing out of /var/log files, and typo'd my rm command and deleted everything inside /var/log. Right now I have tried to recreate the directory structure and files, as well as fixed permissions. However, my servers are still turning to the grey question...
  8. O

    Unstable USB drive causes problems

    I have an 8TB WD usb drive connect to the proxmox host that I then share to containers and VMs. The problem is that it often becomes completely unresponsive and causes the web dashboard to have question marks (communication failure 0) and no communication to the services, which remain running...
  9. H

    trying to acquire cfs lock 'file-replication_cfg

    Hello everyone, this error happened to me several times and it is solved by restarting the node with the error, but I would like to solve it without restarting it: syslog: Oct 5 09:04:00 h6 systemd[1]: Starting Proxmox VE replication runner... Oct 5 09:04:00 h6 pvesr[10680]: trying to acquire...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] VM Status "Unknown" - Grey Question Mark

    Fresh install of PVE7 iso, upgraded using pve-no-subscription repo this morning. Getting "Status: Unknown" on a VM, which is just a fresh Ubuntu 20LTS: Storage is reporting fine, other things reporting fine. Created a second VM, same issue. Did a search, found this thread, restarting those...
  11. VictorSTS

    CEPH storage shown with grey question mark

    Hello, I'm currently migrating a Proxmox Cluster with v4 to Proxmox v6.4 with Ceph. For the migration I moved all VM to one node and formatted and reconfigured the other two servers, so its as if it was a new install. I've setup the cluster ok, then installed Ceph, and created a couple of Ceph...
  12. J

    Getting Questions Marks on Nodes and VMS. A Couple Times I have gotten Exclamation marks on my Proxmox node with the PBS Server I am running on.

    I have had some weird behaviour. A couple times I have gottent Exclamation Marks on the Node and VMs the Proxmox Node which my PBS was running from. I think this had to do with exceeding the Hard drive space allocated, hence resulting in an I/O Error. I freed up some space on that particular...
  13. J

    Question Marks on Nodes and VMs

    I am getting Question Marks and Greyed out Nodes and VMs. The servers keep running, but not sure what is really happening. It happened yesterday as well to another node. When I restated it, it seemed to work. Any help or atleast pointers in the right direction to find out what is happening would...
  14. U

    [SOLVED] Grey unknown status

    Hi, I have been having an issue with the web interface of proxmox showing my node and all vm/containers running on it as having an "unknown" status with grey ? marks. This seems to happen a few hours after every reboot of the server. Restarting pvedaemon, pveproxy, pvestatd does not seem to...


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