1. J

    [SOLVED] Unable to Allocate Image on GlusterFS

    Throwing this solution up in case someone else runs into the issue. Scroll down to the bottom for the key Take Aways and dev recommendations. Environment 3x PVE 7.0-11 nodes clustered together Every node has a ZFS pool with a GlusterFS brick on it Glusterd version 9.2 Gluster is configured in a...
  2. I

    Proxmox+GlusterFS HA on 2 nodes + 1 arbiter

    Hi there! I want to know how can i use two nodes in HA but using 3rd node only for arbiter and gluster arbiter (not for VMs). I have two powerful nodes (CPU,RAM,HDD), and one very small node Any help :)
  3. A

    Sinnvoller Storage für HomeLab?

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe einen Cluster, bestehend aus derzeit 2 Servern mit je 32 Gig RAM (mehr packt das Board leider nicht) und bin auf der Suche nach einem möglichst performanten Storage dafür. Ausfallsicherheit / HA ist jetzt nicht so kritisch, aber ich würde damit gerne Erfahrungen sammeln...
  4. T

    Containers on GlusterFS?

    I'm currently in the process of setting up Gluster FS across our three existing Proxmox nodes, but during testing I ran into the issue of not being able to move containers to Gluster. Is there any stable solution to host containers on Gluster? I don't have to rebuilt the containers as VMs. For...
  5. J

    unable to create glusterfs storage

    Hello, For testing before investing, I have a three nodes Proxmox cluster (packages above) and i want to mount an external glusterfs replica storage for my backups/ISO/ templates. My glusterfs volume is configured on two seperated nodes installed in Debian 9. I used included glusterfs packages...
  6. D

    Gluster volume does not show up

    Hi, I am configuring a storage cluster with two nodes. There are 3 disks on each, arranged in zfs raid z, and i want to join these two zpools in one gluster distributed volume. I think I have done all properly, the zpool status is ok, the gluster volume is running. But I can't see the...
  7. G

    Latest PVE KVM build causes glusterfs server crash.

    Running a glusterfs 3.12 server (redhat, latest stable version). I have a volume set up that a whole cluster of updated PVE 5.1 hosts are on. Any attempt to use qemu-img create a qcow2 image will immediately crash the gluster server and bring the volume offline. Also any attempt to connect to an...
  8. D

    Online Disk migration not working after upgrade

    Hello, I have a Proxmox cluster made of 4 nodes. Before the upgrade I was running Proxmox 4.4 with GlusterFS 3.5.2-2+deb8u2 and Online Disk migration from GlusterFS storage to thinpool storage was working fine. After upgrade to 5.0-20 and Gluster 3.8.8-1 Online Disk migration is not working...
  9. J

    Running a VM from a Glusterfs filesystem

    I have a Glusterfs system running over Infiniband which I'm testing with Proxmox 3.4 (soon to be upgraded to 4.4). The vzdumps work great but I'm wondering how I can run my VM images directly from the Glusterfs mount point without a huge performance degradation. I tried SATA disks with obvious...
  10. @

    HA node got faulty during backup of a VM

    Good morning community! I have a three-node HA cluster running on a three-node Gluster shared storage. At different times a day a scheduled backup job starts doing a backup of some VM's onto an external NFS storage. Last night the third node with some VM's that were currently doing a backup...
  11. S

    4.2 ZFS and Gluster 3.8 issue (NFS)

    I'm having a terrible time getting this configuration to work. Proxmox UI can't add the Gluster volume, it doesn't 'see' it. Some troubleshooting shows me that glusterfs isn't exporting the volume via NFS. The docs show that prox is going to use the fuse mount to view the files, but then...
  12. U

    Gluster 3.7.12 and qcow disks

    Hi, Gluster 3.7.12 came out yesterday, and since 3.8 isn't compatible with proxmox yet I installed 3.7.12. I used XFS for the bricks like I always did, and I was able to add it in proxmox just fine (where 3.8 is a bit wonky to add in proxmox). Now when creating a new VM I can't actually use...


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