freenas iscsi

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    freenas: unknown iscsi provider

    Hello, i got this error while trying to start a vm Task viewer: VM - Start OutputStatus Stop TASK ERROR: freenas: unknown iscsi provider. Available [comstar, istgt, iet, LIO] at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/ line 35.
  2. L

    [SOLVED] Design recommendation Proxmox with virtual SAN/NAS?

    Hi, I am new in the field of virtualization and I would like to use Proxmox on a server. Already I read a lot, but I am not sure how to design the system in a good way. This is the basic hardware: Supermicro server with 2x 16 Cores with 2,3 GHz with VROC enabled Two M.2 NVMe disks for Proxmox...
  3. P

    Existing ZFS Pool to VM (FreeNAS)

    I have found 3 ways to get a ZFS pool to a Proxmox VM (FreeNAS). I was wondering which is the best? ZFS over SCSI Could I import my existing ZFS pool or do I have to create a new one? Would I have to use this? Virtual Disk...
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    FreeNAS ZFS-over-iSCSI Issue

    I am trying to use a FreeNAS server for shared storage in a 3-node Proxmox cluster to enable HA and live migration. The iSCSI target is set up on a ZFS pool of 4 identical enterprise-grade SSD's and is reporting "healthy" in FreeNAS. I followed the helpful instructions here...
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    PVE + FreeNAS

    Hi. Who used PVE setup with FreeNAS as iSCSI storage, please give cat /etc/ctl.conf and ctladm devlist -v Any private info please mask. Thank you forahead.
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    FreeNAS 11.2u4 with Proxmox 5.4 iSCSI

    Hello, my iSCSI target is a zvol on a traditional RAID and is NOT using ZFS on FreeNAS. I setup my first iSCSI target as a plain "iSCSI" storage. Should I consider using "ZFS over iSCSI" as a storage setup in this particular setup? I have MPIO setup on FreeNAS, but have not yet setup MPIO on...
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    Unable to attach FreeNAS iSCSI volume on Proxmox 5.2

    Hi everyone, Has anyone had success on connecting an FreeNAS iSCSI volume to Proxmox? I could not for some odd reason. I created two iSCSI volumes on FreeNAS. I have a Xen and Proxmox server. The Xen server sees both volumes. The Proxmox sees none of them. I even tried disabling CHAP...


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