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    [SOLVED] Change to free account

    Hi. I would like to change my account to a free subscription of the Proxmox Mail Gateway, if that's still an existent option. How could I proceed with it? Also, I cannot access my Customer Portal anymore on the website, the password does not seem to work, and the recovery e-mail does not...
  2. F

    no subscription help

    Hi all, I just installed PMG, but cannot add the no-subscription repo with echo "deb" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pmg-no-sub.list. Is no subscription still available now?
  3. S

    proxmox VE 7.1-11 free segfaults with excessive io delay

    Hello, i have a proxmox VE 7.1-11 with lcx containers and experiencing the following condition. Sometimes the server seems to have excessive io delay and the containers become inaccessible with the following messages in the system log. Jun 2 04:35:04 proms kernel: [4423712.381603]...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] Error writing [path] No space left on device

    Hi, im getting this error when i try to move a MV disk from one path to another. I think this have no sense because i think i have enough free space in my lvm, aprox 380GB in the local volume and 1.5Tb in the local-lvm. Im trying to execute this command. mv...
  5. C

    Webui ram usage vs free

    Hello, I'm trying to understand how does the webui report the ram usage for the host. As you can see here the ram usage reported by the webui is 50GB but according to free shouldn't that value be "total - available column" (125-45=85GB used) I'm not sure which one to believe. Could ZFS...
  6. Y

    VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

    Hi! I'm new to this awesome community!! I want to know if it's possible to use PVE since it's based on KVM as a hypervisor in VDI solutions that support KVM as a hypervisor like KVM-VDI solution. my goal is to set up a free VDI solution in our university and I've been working with PVE only for...
  7. C

    Service killed. Plenty of ram

    Hello, We have a weird issue where last night one of our service on our mail server got killed for no apparent reason. Here's the dmesg error: [2018-05-15 19:37:34] Memory cgroup out of memory: Kill process 20766 (sa-learn) score 6 or sacrifice child [2018-05-15 19:37:34] Killed process...
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    ProxMox Mail Gateway Free Subscription Limit.

    Hello. Would the free version of ProxMox Mail Gateway have domain limitation? I currently have 18 email domains and would like to know if ProxMox Free would work with these 18 domain. I think of buying the license, but first I need to approve
  9. T

    Ballon memory usage

    Hi, I have a debian 7.11 guest using KVM and have a "balloon" memory set for it. The problem is, that the RAM usage in proxmox is always at max. If i run free -m from the guest I see the half of the memory is cached. # free -m total used free shared buffers...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] Free 4.x available?

    Hello all, been using PVE on my government agency. The budget is so tight, that we are using plain hardware in order to install PVE. Thing is, we have been using this great piece of software for free (ie without any subscription). Today, I had to create a new PVE host. So, I was wondering...


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