1. UdoB

    [SOLVED] How to restore a VM from encrypted PBS via CLI?

    Good morning, this is for preparation of a desaster recovery, I am just evaluating ways to handle a problematic situation. Let's assume I have a dead PVE a working PBS another PVE Node (in another unrelated Cluster) to run a restored VM; already connected to PBS - but with a different...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Prune & GC & Verify on encrypted Backups and are the Backups still incremental

    Hello, I want to store the backups of my PVE encrypted on my PBS. I am now wondering whether the pbs can still run a prune/verify/gc on the backups, since the pbs does not have an encryption key? My second question is whether the backups are still incremental at all?
  3. S

    Encrypted drive migration

    I'm having problems migrating an encrypted drive. Is there any quick guide how to do it?
  4. W

    Cloud-Init LUKS VM Setup?

    Hello all, I have seen an understand the benefits of setting up a base image/template with Cloud-Init, so similar VMs can very easily be setup when needed. My question is... can these Cloud-Init template/images can be setup with LUKS encryption without losing any features? Will it still be able...
  5. W

    PBS Backups to VeraCrypt Volumes?

    Hello all, Quick question… does anyone know if it’s possible to use PBS to backup to VeraCrypt encrypted volumes? If so, how would PBS unlock them? Also same question regarding WD encrypted external drives… Thanks, Whit
  6. W

    Proxmox Encryption Configuration Question

    Hey all, this may be a silly or obvious question but I’m fairly new around here (relatively speaking) so here goes… I am looking to have my HDDs encrypted so that all data cannot be easily accessed if the drives are pulled out of my server. I have the following configuration: |Server |-HDD1...
  7. W

    Testing Nested Proxmox on Encrypted Debian Install (Proxmox 6.4 + Debian 10.9)

    I created a VM and installed Debian with LVM LUKS partition and booted into it with no problems. I then installed Proxmox over this as per wiki and booted into it with no problems BUT I cannot connect to the web interface. Proxmox is working and I can access the console. What am I doing wrong?
  8. DerDanilo

    PMG Backup to PBS

    It is very nice that it's possible to backup the PMG config to a PBS. Even the DKIM private key is included in the backup. Two things are missing at the moment: - Encryption (which is implemented for PVE already) - Backup of custom templates (at least I couldn't find them in the backup TAR...
  9. GarrettB

    [SOLVED] Is there a better approach? Backup/duplicity/encrypt/copy?

    I use Dropbox to upload encrypted backups of various things, including encrypted volumes, etc. as an offsite backup option in addition to onsite backups. My business is small so it works. My scenario: ~20 VZDump backups, compressed, totalling around 130GB 200GB volume on the same SSD drive...
  10. C

    Debian Encrypted Volumes (auto-Boot)

    I understand the way to get the entire Proxmox server working on an encrypted host is to build a Debian encrypted system using LUKS and then manually pull down proxmox. My question is how do folks get this to securely and automatically mount so you don't need to manually enter the password each...
  11. C

    Removing a node from a cluster (rebuilding it with full-disk encryption)

    Group, I have a two-node Proxmox cluster. I want to remove a node from the cluster, and then rebuild it. The goal is to build a completely encrypted server physical volume so the physical drive is encrypted if it gets in the wrong hands. My understanding is the right way to do this is do a...


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