dual nic

  1. D

    Using a second NIC to share access to router in both directions, but also lost GUI LAN access

    I have an Asus Z8NA-D6C running Proxmox. It has dual 10Gbe. I have a second computer running Ubuntu 20.04. It has a single 10GBe. I have a 10GBe switch in another room, connected to multiple devices including the router. My current setup is such that I only have one 10GBe port in the room the...
  2. J

    Can Proxmox bridge two NICs (one has internet access, one does not)

    Due to some restrictions, I have to use two NICs on my Proxmox node in the following way: For example: NIC1: 10.10.10.xxx, just one IP assigned by the facility to the Proxmox Node, able to access internet via their firewall NIC2: 192.168.150.xxx, connected to my own router ( Can...
  3. R

    Dual homing with two NICs (Different newtorks and two different gateways)

    Hello to all - I'm new here, so please be gentle! ;) I just set up my first "real" Proxmox server - with proper "server grade" hardware for a home lab setup (after testing it on an old PC) - I installed it on top of a baseline Debian 10 to start with . . . and setup several containers and VMs...
  4. T

    When rebooting machine often network won't work but sometimes it does

    Hey people, I noticed recently that my network sometimes doesn't work when I reboot my machine I run it headless with GPU passthrough but I can see when my GPU VM boots up onto a screen (Windows 10) I can see that the network is just not working and therefor it's not showing the Proxmox GUI...
  5. L

    1x NIC to 2x NICs (Keep VMs/WAN on 1st & Move PVE/Corosync/etc to 2nd)

    Hi there, I'm looking to update the networking setup for Proxmox VE now that the switches have been swapped out for more capable models. At the moment, each host has 1x NIC connected, which is serving VMs (WAN) and PVE (Web GUI, SSH, Corosync, etc). Static addressing for PVE is set against...
  6. J

    Network Bond not working to VM

    I am new to proxmox as of a few weeks ago, and am trying to replace VMware because I'd rather avoid paying VCenter pricing to save the department money. So all advice is welcome during their trial period. On our servers, we have dual NIC cards, after some time, I was able to get a continuous...
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    Proxmox can ping ip of another machine, OpenVZ Container cannot.

    Proxmox 3.4-1 My Proxmox hypervisor has two network interfaces on two different vlans (A and B). Interface A has a gateway, interface B does not. I have several OpenVZ containers that each have 2 ip addresses. One from each vlan (statically set via proxmox). I have a machine that is reachable...


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