disk size

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    Proxmox Backup Server Disk Expantion

    Hello Everyone, I have already a PBS (proxmox backup server) and I want to expand the disk, because there isn't enough storage on the VM. The problem is I expanded the disk +50GB on PVE but it doesn't expand on the VM itself and I can't figure it out why. I'm attaching photos to make it...
  2. B

    possible to have a better overview than lvs -a

    Hi, Just a suggestion.... I need to open console and lvs -a to see the effective usage of my virtual disks: First thing I have to do, is go to the webinterface and see which disk belongs to which machine and than calculate how much GB this machine effective consumes on my local-lvm...
  3. S

    virtuelle disk verkleinern

    Mir geht es um das verkleinern einer virtuelle Disk…ich habe zuvor über das Webinterface die Disk erweitert (resize disk) Allerdings ist mir dabei ein Fehler passiert…ich dachte das ich die Disk auf den eingegebenen Wert bringe, es war aber der Wert um wieviel die Disk vergrößert wird. Nun habe...
  4. A

    Disk Resize (+) over GUI, wrong qemu-img info

    Good Day together, i successfully resized the disk of a vm on my proxmox node from 100GB to 500GB with the Web-GUI in the Hardware-Tab. I already edited the partition table on the unix guest and everything works fine. When i look into the config of the VM in the Web-GUI and in the...
  5. M

    Proxmox dashboard readings missleading

    I have two VM running on 256 SSD ZFS RAID 1. When looking on to Datacenter dashboard HDD size makes sense, but when looking in to PVE storage things are getting complicated to understand. For example local-zfs-pve with total disk size 130GB holds 2 VM total size 175GB ??? Any suggestion how I...
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    De-allocation problem on host disk space using VMs with qcow2/vmdk disk formats

    If a VM is build using qcow2 or vmdk HDD format with size say 1TB and fill it up completely, it uses 1TB of Proxmox server disk space, but when you delete files from VM, it does not de-allocate HDD space and still 1TB of disk is used on Proxmox disks. I faced this problem on 4.0 and 4.2 PVE...
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    Best Disk set-up and shrink vm-disk

    I'm very new to Proxmox VE so I apologize if I'm asking something I should know. I have read a good amount on the forums and info pages. I am trying to figure out two things. The first is how to shrink the pve-vm--VM NUMBER--disk--1 that come off of pve-data-tpool. I transfered a few virtual...
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    Raw disk size issue with passtrough usb key

    Hi all, we installed Proxmox 4.4 using ZFS RAID 1 and 2 x 1.5TB HD. Then we created 2 VMs, one of these (201 VM) has a 230GB virtual HD (Virtio) and 2 USB key (passtrough mode) that Proxmox see as unused disk 0 and 1. The 2 pendrive are used from a software, into the 201 VM, to ckeck the...
  9. J

    Copy to ZFS, fstrim

    Hi all, I have two issues: 1. When I do a command like dd if=rawfile | pv | dd of=/dev/zfs-pool/vm-disks/vm-109-disk-1 to import 96 GB large disk to Proxmox (the disk is created with 96 GB size), the occupied ZFS space increases for about 188 GB. Is this normal behaviour? I have tried on two...


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