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    Improving small write performance, safe to use write-back caching with Ceph on HDD?

    Users had been complaining about laggy VM performace on our HDD-based Ceph pool. With many users VMs having many applications that are logging to disk, I see a lot of small writes with write IOPS > 5x read IOPS. Reading up here and elsewhere, it seems that Write-back may yield better...
  2. H

    Strange ZFS performance issue

    Hello, I have old-ish HP ProLiant Microserver Gen8. It has 4x 3.5" bays (currently populated with 2x WD Reds = /dev/sda, /dev/sdb) + 1x old Laptop 2.5" HDD ( I installed Proxmox OS only = /dev/sdc ) My setup is that I have the Proxmox installed on the single 2.5" HDD, where the whole disk was...
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    Disk (SSD )Performance Question

    I know there are tons of questions, but I couldn’t find a satisfying answer. For performance testing I’ using an old server: HP Dl380 Gen 10 Server, just one Xeon E5-2609 installed, 16GB RAM. Proxmox is installed on a hardware raid (scsi hdd). Two consumer SSD (Crucial MX500), each one with one...
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    [SOLVED] Poor disk speeds in Windows 11 guest

    I recently migrated my Windows 10 virtual desktop to Windows 11. However, the system has become very unresponsive and feels really sluggish. There is a lot of delay when clicking or typing. I have scoured the Proxmox forums and Google, but so far I haven't found a solution. I ran some...
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    ZFS performance issues

    Hello! First of all let me start by saying that I'm aware I do not have the recommended hardware and setup as stated in the official documentation. I do not use enterprise-grade SSD's. However, I still would like to ask your help in diagnosing and optimizing my storage settings. I hope I can...
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    Poor disk performance on Linux VM

    Hi, After reading many threads, I decided to open one to try to solve a performance problem that only affects Linux VMs. I have a Proxmox VE 6.5-5 installed on Dell R720 with 2 Xeon E5-2660 v2 2.20GHz, 128 GB RAM and RAID controller PERC H710 Mini (integrated). RAID1 volume for the system and...
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    Very low fsyncs/second

    I'm running proxmox on 3 HP Proliant DL20 Gen9 servers and all three are showing very poor fsyncs/second performance when running pveperf. These servers have 2 SATA HDDs (7200 RPM) with no RAID. Please see the example output from pveperf below. From the documentation, it looks like I should be...
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    Proxmox and VM performance are too slow, Linux VM Taking 3-4 hours and Windows VM 7-8 hours to bootup

    Hello, I installed a new setup in my server. (Unfortunately old one crashed completely). I had to rebuild it from scratch. In capacity, it's 2tb HDD SATA + 500 GB SSD, with 64GB RAM. I followed the steps as per documents. I selected Ext4 for my installation. Surprisingly, once I loaded vm's. It...
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    High disk IO overhead for clients on ZFS

    On our Proxmox servers we've been surprised at how much slower the VM clients are than the host. How much disk IO overhead is normal or acceptable for VMs? These tests were done on a server running Proxmox VE 6.2-15; writing to the dpool on the host machine itself, and then performing the same...
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    Need advice & your kind help - zfs Raid1 - nvme 2drives - Disk performance confusion?

    Hello friends, Please find the 2 Attachments. [LEFT PUTTY = VM1st(ny) & RIGHT PUTTY = VM2nd(555) ] My Leased SERVER DETAILS: it's 6 Cores and 12 Threads intel CPU 32 GB RAM 2 NVME Drive 512GB - PROXMOX NODE Details. - During setup Selected Zfs Raid1 for 2x Nvme drive (mirroring purpose) ARC...
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    NVMe - Windows Guest - Lese- & Schreibrateneinbruch mit Docker

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe ein Problem bei meinem Dedicated Server festgestellt. Im Besitz befindet sich ein Server mit den folgenden Komponenten: i7 8700 64 GB RAM 4 TB NVMe Derzeit läuft ... 3 x Windows 10 - Version 1909 - (einer davon mit Windows Docker) 1 x Debian Buster, ebenfalls mit...
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    Strange disk performence in Windows guest

    Hello everyone! I have proxmox home lab, and now I try to choose filesystem for my virtual machines. I will run Windows VMs and I need better filesystem for that. I setup Windows VM with this config: agent: 1 balloon: 0 bootdisk: virtio0 cores: 4 cpu: host memory: 4096 name: Test-IOPS net0...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox - measure disk performance

    Hello, sorry this feels like an absolute newbee question, but I could not figure out where to get "fio" from. I'd like to measure disk performance using fio, but searching with "apt-cache search fio" doesn't show anything. Any help is welcome. Best greets, Mario
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    LVM Performance worries

    Hi there! till now we have been using Promox 3.X Now we are trialing the latest Proxmox 5.1 and we are really disappoint by the disk performance with the LVM system. Just want to know if this is expect or if something is wrong? System: * 8 x 2TB SATA drives in raid 0 (Yes just for testing sake...


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