disaster recovery

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    Disaster recovery strategy or how to backup the backup

    Hi I have been looking but cannot see in the documentation how to best setup a disaster recovery plan for PBS. For sure, a secondary PBS server can be set up to give extra redundancy, but is there a solution for extra disaster recovery saving data stores to external disk ? Lets say there is...
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    cloning pve from single disk to raid zfs

    I’d like to take a backup copy of all my pve os… and i’m asking if is possible to take a full copy of dev/sda (pve os) to a raid 1 ZFS… i thought about using dd but i’m not sure about it hoping someone would discuss about it with me :)
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    Proxmox VM DR Scenario

    Hello everyone, I have two different Proxmox VE clusters in my data center located in two different geographies. I want to replicate for DR of VMs running on Proxmox. Currently, I can provide this with file system replication on Storage, but it is not very useful. Do anyone protect against DR...
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    Backup/Restore procedure for Proxmox VE host

    Hi, I‘d like to have your opinion or some reference to howtos or manuals about how to backup/restore Proxmox VE Host. My setup: 1) Proxmox VE installed on Intel NUC on nvme0 2) Proxmox Backup Server in LXC container backed up by Proxmox VE schedule on NFS share 3) Proxmox VMs and CTs (apart...
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    Bare Metal backup of entire Hypervisor for DR

    After suffering recent failure of my Proxmox VE boot disk, I'm contemplating a better (but simple) Disaster Recovery Strategy. Option 1: Boot from a LiveOS, use "dd" to backup my (now unmounted) Proxmox boot disk (safest, but requires prep) Option 2: Shutdown Proxmox VE application, use "dd"...
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    Recover VM into a new Proxmox installation

    Hello community, We have a server setup with 2 disks. The first disk (SSD) is the proxmox installation, the second is the VMs data (with 2 VMs in it). For unknown reason the SSD disk got several bad blocks and dont start all proxmox services and system anymore. Due that we got by lucky make a...
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    How To Set-up A Secondary Disaster Recovery Installation?

    When I ordered my server, aside from the primary RAID volume, I had them include a SATADOM disk. The idea was to have a spare Proxmox installed there for recovery purposes if something were to ever happen to my drives or raid controller, so I could at least boot up the server and start the more...
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    VM crashed - help to recover data needed

    To cut a long story short. My VM crashed, and became unusable, The OS support couldn't get it to function properly and their efforts resulted in it failing to boot with a catologue of errors. Before the failed attempt to reboot, it was clear that the data I need from it (website domain files...
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    Disaster recovery of proxmox on zfs

    I have a single machine with proxmox on ZFS with a single pool containing a three-disk mirror. Backups aside, I would like to implement a simple disaster recovery strategy. The idea is to save the partition scheme of the disks on removeble media, and then dump the pool to LTO tape, so to be able...
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    Desaster recovery of a ceph storage, urgent help needed

    Sorry for cross posting, but got no response to my original posting... Original post any help would be highly appreciated Gerhard
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    Journal feature prevents LX-Container from (re)starting. Conflict with rbd-mirror.

    Hello everybody, TL;DR We are currently struggling with the activated journaling feature on LX containers. On the one hand this is mandatory for one-way rbd-mirror sync into a pool from master to slave cluster, on the other hand it prevents containers in the master from (re)starting after the...
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    Journal feature hindert LX-Container am (neu)start. Konflikt mit rbd-mirror.

    Hallo zusammen, TL;DR Uns macht momentan das aktivierte Journaling-Feature bei LX-Containern zu schaffen. Einerseits ist dies für den rbd-mirror Sync in einen Pool vom Master zu Slave cluster obligatorisch, andererseits hindert es Container im Master an einem (Neu)start...
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    Replication between clusters/datacenters

    hi there. I have 2 CPD in different buildings, connected with 10Gb Fibber, 1 is the production the 2 is the backup disaster recovery. how could I replicate every x time from production CPD VM to the Disaster Recovery CPD ? Both configuration is similar, 3 servers and 1 SAN storage. thank you !
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    ZFS data loss

    Hi, everyone. I'm running proxmox in a workstation. System is in lvm ssd. A 5 disk (2TB each) raidz1 is used as storage for virtual disks and data. System has been running for 3 years without remarcable problems. ZFS pool is mounted in a folder of the Debian base system. A folder with data is...
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    Disaster Recovery

    Hi, We are planning to use Proxmox VE Cluster for virtualizing 4 Servers with Ceph.(Primary Site) We would like to know how to implement the Disaster Recovery at Secondary location. Primary and Secondary location are connected with Dark Fiber 1Gbps. We are not able to get any links for this...
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    Proxmox HA Cluster Disaster Recovery

    Hy there. Has anyone tried to "make" a proxmox ha cluster replicate to another cluster ? So what would be the best solution for that ? So i would have a 3 node ha cluster, with shared nfs storage. I would also have an identical cluster in another location. What would be the best solution to have...


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