1. N

    Proxmox & deduplication?

    Right now my backups are not encrypted. I would assume deduplication works between different vm/containers? So if you have a file on multiple containers/vms it would only be stored once? Which leads to my question....i'm thinking on encrypting my backups. If i use the same encryption key for...
  2. A

    Deduplication factor depending on ?

    Hi! I some specific questions. I am testing out PBS for a specific workflow consisiting of backing up debian hosted NFS server nearly 1 PB total. i want to know if i have to invest a little or many money for that. What i see is that i only achieve nearly 1.2 ~ 1.3 deduplication factor for...
  3. P

    PBS Backups über DSL Leitung ins Rechenzentrum

    Hallo, ich habe noch bis vor kurzem ESXI und Veeam Backup genutzt, da ich immer mehr Open Source einsetze möchte PVE / PBS interessante Features bieten migriere ich gerade darauf. Bisher hatte ich die Backups vom Host mit Veeam ins Rechenzentrum gemacht über eine herkömmlich DSL Leitung (100...
  4. D

    Explanation needed for incremental backups and deduplication backups

    Since all of my backup files are the same size, can someone explain how this works or is implemented? Does it need to be enabled somewhere?
  5. C

    [SOLVED] File Restore Dateien defekt

    Hallo zusammen, folgende Ausgangssituation: PVE 7.1-12, PBS 2.1-5, VM Windows Server 2022 mit aktivierter Deduplikation (Dedup-Rate derzeit 23 %) Wie schon im Titel erwähnt, sind die Dateien, die per File Restore wiederhergestellt werden, defekt. Die Sicherung läuft ohne Probleme und die...
  6. jmcorrea

    ZFS Dedup not working on backups

    Hello! We have 2 Proxmox host and we use the included vzdump tool to backup the VMs and containers that run on them. Our backup location is a ZFS server shared over NFS to both Proxmox hosts. This ZFS server has a RAID-10 like configuration with 4 disks, 40GB SSD cache partition, 20GB RAM and...
  7. M

    backup deduplication

    Hi, I'm looking to create a script that will create a backup of my current VM and stored them in a deduplication system. (I'm using BorgBackup with a remote repo for storing) I've tried to use vzdump which create a .vma file that doesn't seem to work well with deduplication. To by-pass that...
  8. Proxygen

    [SOLVED] ZFS Dedup: On for Pool, Off for Container Disk?

    I have a ZFS pool where I put (only) containers which will have mostly identical data (95% or more). I am trying to save some disk space by using ZFS (as each container is 30GB and I will run a couple dozen of them) This is the current setup: # zfs get all | egrep 'dedup|checksum|compression'...
  9. N

    Untar vzdump file for better deduplication

    Hello everyone, I'm testing borgbackup to copy our backups to some off-site storage. With the normal tar file and following ones, the deduplication isnt as effective as it could be. When I extract the vzdump and inserting every file one by one its much more space efficient. My question is now...
  10. R

    Using deduplication for dropbox on multiple VMs

    I am planning to use several virtual machines that will all use the same Dropbox account, and I want to use the deduplication abilities of ZFS to minimize wasted disk space. I also want the drobox data to be on a separate physical device from the OSs so that they do not take up read/write...
  11. V

    [SOLVED] QEMU Backing images

    I noticed QEMU backing images aren't supported in Proxmox. I tried setting up a backing image using qemu-img and ran the machine off the delta only to have it crash. Will there ever be support for this feature? The ability to use the backing images would allow deduplication of like operating...


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