corosync cluster

  1. R

    Cluster Networking Configuration - Subnets

    I am putting together a 3x node cluster for my own education (before doing this for real at work!) and I have the following plan for subnets for the cluster. This setup is based on all the tutorials I've been able to find online, but I wanted to make sure I'm doing this right. I have enough...
  2. T

    Why node PVE1 rebooted with HA 3 node

    Pve1 was running pvecm e 1. pve2 and pve3 were shutdown and brought up together. How do check logs PVE1 reloaded due to losing quorum ? I brought up pve2 and pve3 15:57:15 -- pve2 started 15:57:24 -- pve3 started 16:09:07 -- Pve1 lost watchdog and reloaded(Losing 3 HA VM) PVE1 Aug 31...
  3. E

    [SOLVED] Can't create cluster. Could not create /etc/corosync/authkey: No such file or directory.

    Hello, I just upgraded from 7.4 to 8, everything went ok until now. I have 2 nodes at home, which I use in a cluster. The node I am having trouble with is the one I upgraded (both are, but the other one I had to do a fresh install). I followed every step on the wiki and it all went fine, just a...
  4. B

    Interface Bonding - iSCSI Storage, corosync, ceph and VM Network - Best Practice?

    Hello together! Maybe you can give me some tips? I am planning a PVE cluster with 4 HPE servers following network cards per node: 4x onboard NICs (total 4x 1Gb) 4x Intel X520-DA2 PCIe (total 8x 10Gb) Network: 2x switch with 28x 10Gb and 4x 25Gb (LACP 802.3ad is supported but unfortunately no...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] pve-cluster failed quorum and change ring-id after corsync config modification.

    Hello we had a very serious problem with the Proxmox cluster on OVH, our vRack stopped working. We tried to solve the situation by hot adding a new corosync configuration with a redundancy link in it. The configuration worked and corosync saw all members, we then restarted the proxmox cluster...
  6. B

    Ceph RBD cluster, link: X is down

    Dear Members, I have a ceph cluster with the followed details: Cluster works on separated NIC, active-backup bonding, separated DELL 10G switch, and separated IP range on 10Gbit. My problem: On all of nodes there are some KNET link down entries when there is heavy load on some of node. I don't...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] PVE Cluster change/replace NIC

    Hello, i just replaced the NIC's on all my 3 nodes and i upgraded to 10 Gbit's SFP+. All nodes can access each other over ssh without any problems. But since i replaced the NIC's im not able to access the nodes at the web GUI or at least node1 cannot access node 3 or node 2 anymore. I only see...
  8. J

    Moving cluster nodes to a different network - missing ':' after key 'interface' (500)

    So, I was following the directions to separate the cluster network, and things started to seem like they were going alright with the first node. However, when I rebooted the node, Datacenter view\Cluster says, missing ':' after key 'interface' (500). I then check the /etc/pve/corosync.conf file...
  9. M

    Redundant Ring Protocal ( RRP ) is not working

    I have created a five node cluster and configurations are as follows bond0 created using two physical interfaces on each node bond1 created using two physical interfaces on each node Created Linux bridge as follows Create vmbr0 using bond0 and vmbr1 using bond1. Each node primary ip ( cluster...
  10. R

    Corosync breaks with third node

    Hello, I have got 3x proxmox nodes in a cluster. This cluster worked fine up until some 4 hours ago, when the bond between them broke. I have pinned the issue down to the 3rd node that is causing havoc on the corosync level. If I stop corosync, the two other nodes join together just...
  11. A

    Problem after network failure

    Hey Everyone, We recently had a network failure in one of our data centers. The network failure caused all of the proxmox nodes in our customer to fence themselves. They're back up an running, and the cluster shows all nodes in, but we're having the following issues: 1. HA no longer works...
  12. K

    IP Adressen in Corosync ändern / Cluster neu erstellen?

    Hallo Zusammen, ausgangspunkt ist ein Cluster bestehend aus drei Knoten fertig konfiguriert ceph und erkennung der nodes alles einwandfrei. Jetzt haben wir diesen Cluster testweise in ein Serverzentrum verfrachtet und die IP Adressen aller Knoten mussten geändert werden. Habe die IPs einfach...
  13. P

    [SOLVED] pmxcfs failed, Failed to start Corosync cluster Engine

    We had a critical server power failure taking down the entire cluster (inverter on ups failed, knocking out mains breakers and killing all servers before maintenance staff could reach power room) 6 server cluster (vwk-prox01 to vwk-prox06) Shared storage folder mounts properly on all servers...
  14. J

    Cluster nodes "offline" but working

    I have created a new cluster with 4 nodes, the problem is that when I reboot them all of them are working, but after some minutes some of them says that are disconnected. When this happens I execute in the shell node: service corosync restart After execute this command the node is online...
  15. D

    PE 5.0 (3-node cluster Quorum issue)

    I am trying to create a 3 node cluster initially with the latest Proxmox 5.0-30. I created the first node and then added the 2nd and 3rd nodes and had full quorum for like 3 minutes, then 2 machines exited. See below, this is a newly installed cluster so this isn't making much sense. 1st node...
  16. N

    Can't add node (already exists)

    I have a cluster running, and I am trying to add a new node but receive the following error root@vhost05:/etc/pve# pvecm add vhost13 detected the following error(s): * authentication key '/etc/corosync/authkey' already exists * cluster config '/etc/pve/corosync.conf' already exists * this host...
  17. PretoX

    Add to Cluster problem

    Hi guys, have a problem: Master server: Slave server config: I'm trying to execute on slave # pvecm add -ring0_addr -f I have subscription for slave server too but at this stage it shouldn't care, right? I have tested completely the same configuration on 2 pm...
  18. W

    cluster of 3 rebooted

    Hello, Two days ago, the proxmox cluster we are testing, rebooted completely :( Cluster components: 2 physical servers and 1 VM server as quorum member - 2x ProLiant DL585 G6 with ilo - 1x VMWare VM on another physical server as Quorum VM All 5 OS (3 proxmox and 2 ilo) are NTP syncronized...
  19. B

    Cluster going down randomly

    Hi, I'm having a strange issue on my proxmox4.3 cluster: from time to time all nodes appears red in web GUI. Gui also sometimes is not reachable at all and I have to restart nodes.. I figured out that the logs always shows these lines, even if all is marked green: Reading the forum have lead...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] Changed VMBR0 IP Address Before Setting Up Cluster and Experienced Issues

    Hello everyone, I corrected this issue but wanted to share my experience with setting up a cluster following the Proxmox Wiki after I had already changed the IP address of vmbr0 on both Proxmox hosts. I installed Proxmox on two platforms with hostnames: proxmox1 and proxmox2. Both of the...


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