convert disk

  1. H

    qcow2 convert error

    I didn't know in which forum I could've asked, so my apologize for my asking here. Converting a qcow2 image to qcow2 image won't been done properly. Error while comparing with base disk: "Content mismatch". Using -c flag (compressing) will fix this issue. Why is that? actually using the above...
  2. K

    shell-based GUI Virtual Machine Conversion Tool

    Hello All, Recently I've got a customer that was migrating from Xenserver to Proxmox, and he had multiple virtual machines to migrate. Since the amount of machine was quite big, and for the next future migrations the customer would like to move forward by himself, I've Developed a script with...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Can't convert a RAW disk to QCOW2 on local zfs storage

    Hello! For some reason, when I'm trying to convert a RAW disk, which is stored on zfs-local, to QCOW2, the format dropdown list is inactive. But if I try to move (Move Disc button) the disk to remote storage (SMB share), the dropdown is active. It seems like I've missed something during the...
  4. Y

    PVE local storage getting full while downloading files

    Hello there, Currently, I'm doing a migration to VMs from Hyper-V Host to PVE Host(I need to convert the disk first), VMs Hard disks are more than 100GB, While "local" can only have 100GB. Is there any way to increase the space of the "local" storage, or even download the file with the qemu-img...
  5. A

    Convert storage from local to local-lvm

    Is it possible, is there any way, to convert a local storage to local-lvm?
  6. W

    Issues Importing VMDK VMs to Proxmox

    I copied the standard VMWare disk files (.vmdk, -flat.vmdk, etc.) over and ran them through "qemu-img convert" to convert them to qcow2 format. When booting up the VM, I get the Linux kernel options so it seems to be reading the disk file. But when it comes time to actually boot, it hangs for...
  7. Sven Jörns

    dd in ein ceph container?

    Moin, ich versuche gerade eine VMware-Appliance in ein Proxmox System zu konvertieren. In der Anleitung steht aber nicht, wie das bei einem Ceph Cluster geht. Leider ist die Raw Datei zu groß, um sie noch im...
  8. M

    Exporting to Azure

    Hello! I'm goal is to migrate a VM I currently have hosted on my proxmox node to my Microsoft azure account. The problem I am facing is how to correctly export my VM disk so that I can upload it to azure. I've read posts saying you can find your disk files in /var/lib/vz/images but that...


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