cluster configuration

  1. patefoniq

    Problems with cluster (adding nodes and QDevices)

    Hi, As some of you have already noticed in other threads, I have huge problems with the cluster and more precisely with adding a node and qdevice for quorum. Without writing too much, I'll describe my issues. I migrated from VMware to Proxmox, and that part was successful. I have two separate...
  2. I

    Can not replicate containers to second node despite same zfs name

    Hi there, I am try to add a second node (pve2) to a already existing cluster to replicate the container using zfs features. The actual problem is to setup the zfs correctly to the cluster without loosing all data from pce1. Here is what I have done: I had an Proxmox VE 8 Node using all my...
  3. F

    2 nodes 1 GPU stupid??

    Hi, A possible stupid question but I would ask anyway... I have one proxmox node running Tesla P40 GPU. I recently bought a Tiny PC that I am planning to run Proxmox on and join as a cluster. Can I pass Node 1's GPU to any VM's that I build on Node 2 (Mini PC)? I do have Nvidia's Grid license...
  4. F

    Start Ceph with Single Node to later create Cluster with 3 nodes

    I'm not very used to Proxmox... But meeting the demands of my customers stating to undestanding it a bit. And I'm facing a problem that is almost like a chiken or egg matter. I will mention a hypothetical scenario here, but this is one that is very close to what I'm frequently seen on...
  5. H

    Network Configuration Advice

    Physical Hardware: 3 nodes with same Hardware 1 -1GB nic 2 - 2.5GB nic 1 - 10GB nic Network hardware: 1 - 8 port 10GBe switch 1 - 24 port 1GBe switch 1 - 8 port 1GBe Switch All LACP LAG capable I am trying to figure out what would be the best configuration for a clustered, HA, and CEPH...
  6. A

    How to Change/Add NEW PRVT Network to Vanilla Cluster; Post Cluster Build?

    Hello as the title states, I would like some insight on configuring my very vanilla proxmox cluster that is presently on my main network. Of Course, after the cluster creation I read (I know, I know, next time read 1st) that the cluster should be on its own network with intentions to configure...
  7. P

    Clustering: Any way to work round "a joining node can't have any guests"?

    The question: I see from the documentation at that "All existing configuration in /etc/pve is overwritten when joining a cluster. In particular, a joining node cannot hold any guests, since guest IDs could otherwise conflict, and the node will inherit...
  8. D

    login failure and pve data is missing after joining cluster

    Hello. I recently added a node (pve2) to an existing proxmox cluster (pve). These nodes are on very similar hardware and are both running 7.4-16. The create and join cluster process was straight forward and worked well except for the issue on the joining node (pve2) which required the join to be...
  9. B

    PVE Cluster Networking with two nodes and QDevice

    Hi folks, It's time for some tinkering with the home server and network. Before I embark on my journey, I would like to hear your thoughts about any pitfalls or dos/don'ts you can see in my plan. Please let me know your comments or tips on the below. The WAN uplink is provided by my ISP's...
  10. M

    Delete unconnected nodes from cluster

    I have 6 boxes in a cluster that are all running proxmox. Since initial configuration, I have reconfigured the physical network connection and subnetted each node in the cluster, so that theyre all together in the same subnet, separate from my main network. Here is my problem; since i changed...
  11. M

    Is it possible to delete a cluster which each node is not connected?

    I have 6 boxes in a cluster that are all running proxmox. Since initial configuration, I have reconfigured the physical network connection and subnetted each node in the cluster, so that theyre all together in the same subnet, separate from my main network. Here is my problem; since i changed...
  12. S

    Broken Cluster

    Good Evening, I've got a partially broken cluster and I'm not sure how to fix short of fresh installs on everything. When jumping through the GUI, the cluster looks healthy and fine. However, if I'm on any node and try to jump into a vm on another node (to see stats/summary, console, change...
  13. S

    Proxmox Cluster no HA only Config

    Hello everyone, maybe this question got asked somewhere but I couldnt find it: Is it possible to remove the HA functunality and use the cluster only as config cluster? So that the information about Storage user etc. are shared but no HA so I can turn on/off hosts if needed? Kind regards,
  14. V

    Suggestions: Proxmox Cluster Passthrough All Hard Disks to Media VM

    I have a 3 node cluster of servers (OCT) that each have 4 bays. I want to maximize my ability to leverage these 12 hard drives as a repository likely backups across this environment. Each server has these hard drives managed by a S3008 HBA. I attempted to try ceph but I could not manage to get...
  15. M

    Can't use second node's GUI: SEC_ERROR_REUSED_ISSUER_AND_SERIAL

    Hey all, I'm doing some work for my boss. I'm an intern working with Proxmox and related systems, primarily. We've got a client with a two node cluster. One of the nodes' web GUI is busted. When accessed through the browser, it yields: Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a...
  16. J

    Must bindnetaddr be configured for a separated cluster network?

    I was trying out the proxmox functions, and I see that it is possible (and recommended) to have a separated network for cluster communication. Therefore I added link0 and link1 with a separated network (dual stack) and on a dedicated NIC port, and link2 and link3 the addresses with has gateway...
  17. R

    Is it possible to create a high-performance cluster using only two PCs with Ceph? What are the correct configuration steps?

    I have two PCs, each with 16 GB of RAM and 500 GB of SSD storage. I have created a cluster in Proxmox with them, but when running PowerBI in the first VM of the first node, it does not share the load with the other node. How can I create a high-performance cluster? I am looking to optimize the...
  18. A

    Network configuration between cluster servers

    Good afternoon I explain my case, I have two servers joined in a cluster, these servers have four network cards, two of them 1gb and another two 10gb. I have the 1gb cards linked by a link so that client computers can access them. The 10gb cards I have each with a different rank to create two...
  19. P

    cluster join aborted

    Hallo, ich betreibe meinen Raspberry Pi mit dem Pimox-Image (ich weiß, dass es keine Garantie gibt, dass das richtig funktioniert). Ich habe nun ein Cluster erstellt und ihn da als Node hinzugefügt. Das hat soweit alles hervorragend funktioniert. Als dieser nicht mehr bootete, habe ich das...
  20. M

    How to implement and configure Tenancy with ProxMox

    Hi everyone, I'm a student and i have been tasked with investigating a low-cost virtualization solution so that we can reuse some hardware and implement tennancy with proxmox. We typically use the VMware vSphere Hypervisor for our infrastructure, but due to licencing costs and hardware...


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