cluster configuration

  1. P

    Version Compatibility when I am adding a new node to a cluster

    I have a Proxmox V8 cluster with two nodes. I built the cluster 6 month ago. I am planning to add one more node to my cluster. Can I download the latest installation USB key and install the new node or there is a version compatibility requirement between a PVE cluster nodes? Thank you
  2. C

    Advice Required for Best Practice Configuration of cluster disk drives

    I have 3 hosts (HP EliteDesk Mini i7-9700 each has 2 x nVME slots or can have 1 x nVME and 1 x SSD) which I have placed in Cluster. These machines were Windows 11 previously and I had to change some bios settings to boot and cancel some windows specific security. The attached image shows the...
  3. J

    Expected Votes CS_ERR_INVALID_PARAM

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe ein Cluster konfiguriert, wo nicht alle Nodes die gleiche Anzahl an Votes haben soll. Grund dafür ist deren Standort. Soweit so gut. Allerdings werden nach aktueller Konfiguration 17 Votes benötigt um Quorum zu erreichen. Aufgrund der Konstellation reichen allerdings...
  4. B

    2-Node Cluster Best Practices

    I currently have two proxmox hosts running in a cluster for my homelab. I am concerned about what will happen if one of the hosts goes offline. Whether due to temporary reboot or possible hardware failure. What is the best way to ensure that the remaining host works properly if one of the nodes...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Proxmox 8 can't attache NFSv4 share (Synology) to both nodes, only one can connect.

    Hi everyone, I have an NFSv4 share setup on Synology I'm trying to add to 2 nodes Proxmox v8 (pve1 & pve2). I've used the Proxmox Cluster admin UI to add the share. pve1 connects no problem, however pve2 times out. Detailed setup info can be reviewed here ->...
  6. R

    Cluster Networking Configuration - Subnets

    I am putting together a 3x node cluster for my own education (before doing this for real at work!) and I have the following plan for subnets for the cluster. This setup is based on all the tutorials I've been able to find online, but I wanted to make sure I'm doing this right. I have enough...
  7. H

    [SOLVED] Partial new node join to existing cluster

    Hi Everyone, I've had cluster of 3 nodes and I recently added a 4th that is on a separate subnet. Unfortunately, I forgot a firewall rule for corosync and RPCBind so joining node4 to the cluster has only partially completed it seems. I have subsequently fixed the firewall issue and made sure...
  8. A

    Cluster decommissioning procedure

    Hi guys. i have recently switched to proxmox after years of working with vmware products... so when it comes specifically to proxmox - i'm a noob. i have a 2 node cluster in my home lab. the "primary" node has been failing a lot and i am going to replace it how should i approach this? to first...
  9. P

    SSH Keys in a Proxmox Cluster, resolving replication "Host key verification failed" errors

    Outline: I'm wondering if there's any detailed documentation anywhere about exactly how the various SSH key files are used within a Proxmox cluster? In particular, what is the relationship between /root/.ssh/known_hosts, /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts, and /etc/pve/priv/known_hosts, and if replacing...
  10. M

    Transfer VM within Cluster : IP Addressing Questions

    Hey Community, I have been working with Proxmox for some time now and want to make the next step towards Cluster. We are hosting our 3 Server at Hetzner. Every Server has it own dedicated IP from different Subnets. The ones Hetzner gives you when you order a server. I also understand that I...
  11. R

    Problem with clustering and network on Hetzner hosts during Create/Join cluster procedure

    Hello, I do have 3 identical Hetzner servers that I configured with their Installimage script - Hetzner-Installimage - and configured Network Bridged setup accordingly to their documentation - Hetzner-Proxmox-Network - configuration of network is similar on each host. Hosts are fresh, no VMs...
  12. W

    Configuration Help

    Hello, I am working on setting up a cluster with where the VMs are on local storage but use/sync to the shared storage for HA and Cluster options. The hardware I have is as follows: 3 proxmox clustered machines (will be more but 3 for now) - Each has local nvme storage Each has access to a SAN...
  13. patefoniq

    Problems with cluster (adding nodes and QDevices)

    Hi, As some of you have already noticed in other threads, I have huge problems with the cluster and more precisely with adding a node and qdevice for quorum. Without writing too much, I'll describe my issues. I migrated from VMware to Proxmox, and that part was successful. I have two separate...
  14. I

    Can not replicate containers to second node despite same zfs name

    Hi there, I am try to add a second node (pve2) to a already existing cluster to replicate the container using zfs features. The actual problem is to setup the zfs correctly to the cluster without loosing all data from pce1. Here is what I have done: I had an Proxmox VE 8 Node using all my...
  15. F

    2 nodes 1 GPU stupid??

    Hi, A possible stupid question but I would ask anyway... I have one proxmox node running Tesla P40 GPU. I recently bought a Tiny PC that I am planning to run Proxmox on and join as a cluster. Can I pass Node 1's GPU to any VM's that I build on Node 2 (Mini PC)? I do have Nvidia's Grid license...
  16. F

    Start Ceph with Single Node to later create Cluster with 3 nodes

    I'm not very used to Proxmox... But meeting the demands of my customers stating to undestanding it a bit. And I'm facing a problem that is almost like a chiken or egg matter. I will mention a hypothetical scenario here, but this is one that is very close to what I'm frequently seen on...
  17. H

    Network Configuration Advice

    Physical Hardware: 3 nodes with same Hardware 1 -1GB nic 2 - 2.5GB nic 1 - 10GB nic Network hardware: 1 - 8 port 10GBe switch 1 - 24 port 1GBe switch 1 - 8 port 1GBe Switch All LACP LAG capable I am trying to figure out what would be the best configuration for a clustered, HA, and CEPH...
  18. A

    How to Change/Add NEW PRVT Network to Vanilla Cluster; Post Cluster Build?

    Hello as the title states, I would like some insight on configuring my very vanilla proxmox cluster that is presently on my main network. Of Course, after the cluster creation I read (I know, I know, next time read 1st) that the cluster should be on its own network with intentions to configure...
  19. P

    Clustering: Any way to work round "a joining node can't have any guests"?

    The question: I see from the documentation at that "All existing configuration in /etc/pve is overwritten when joining a cluster. In particular, a joining node cannot hold any guests, since guest IDs could otherwise conflict, and the node will inherit...
  20. D

    login failure and pve data is missing after joining cluster

    Hello. I recently added a node (pve2) to an existing proxmox cluster (pve). These nodes are on very similar hardware and are both running 7.4-16. The create and join cluster process was straight forward and worked well except for the issue on the joining node (pve2) which required the join to be...


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