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    Ubuntu VMs cloned from cloud-init template do not execute cloud-init on first boot

    Hello, I am trying to create a cloud-init template for my VMs. I am on Proxmox VE 8.1.5. I am able to create the template, but when I clone it and attempt to start the clone, the cloud-init process never gets kicked off during boot (no ssh keys are generated, and ultimately I get a startup...
  2. D

    Cluster-wide template

    We have proxmox cluster with 3 nodes. We used to create VM template on each node and later creating new vms from those templates using "qm clone <template_vmid> <new_vmid>" In above case we need to keep managing 3 templates (as there are 3 nodes). So trying to see if there is way to have only...
  3. C

    Anfängerfragen - LVM/ZFS, Template, Balloontreiber, Konsole

    Hallo zusammen :) ich bin noch ganz neu in der Proxmox Welt unterwegs und habe ein paar Fragen und würde mich sehr über euren Rat sowie Erfahrungswerte freuen :) 1. Meine Erste Frage dreht sich um den Storage. Macht es für den Heimanwender einen großen Unterschied ob man ZFS oder LVM-Thin...
  4. M

    error when cloning VM

    Hi! I'm just learning, so I created a test server. I didn’t find any information about the error when cloning and moving, so I created a post There is a server HP ML150G6 2xE5520 12x2GB RAM Hardware raid 4x300GB and 1xSSD 250GB Proxmox was installed on the SSD, during installation the...
  5. F

    No output for RockyLinux Generic Cloud Image Template

    Hi, Here is the template I created for RockyLinux Cloud Image: Rocky-9-GenericCloud-Base.latest.x86_64.qcow2 agent: 1 boot: order=ide2;scsi1;net0;scsi0 cipassword: test ciuser: my_user cores: 4 ide2: none,media=cdrom ipconfig0: ip=dhcp memory: 2048 meta: creation-qemu=7.1.0,ctime=1676200961...
  6. V

    Can't clone CT from CT template

    Hi all! I'm a total n00b about Proxmox, started using it last week. I've created first CT template, and from it I've created a full clone without a problem. And then in that newly created CT I've done some other installations and I wanted to create a new template from it too. That went OK. But...


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