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    Persistent device names for USB drives containing hypervisor?

    Good day everyone, long time listener first time caller.... I am a CS student and recently picked up a great deal for a home lab: I have an intel H2000WP 4 node server with 512GB ram and 8x xeon e4-2600v2 series cpus. I decided to use proxmox as my hypervisor, and installed all instances to...
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    [SOLVED] How to browse the files of a VM backup

    I saw that this question shows up often but I still didn't found an answer. On PBS I can browse directly the content of a LXCs backup because it's done file-level. On the other side, VMs backups are done on the block-level so I can't directly browse their content. My final question is...
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    VM and maximum number of block devices

    Hello. unfortunately I can't find information about the maximum number of block devices that can be configured for a virtual machine in PROXMOX 7.x. So, what is the maximum amount of block devices - mainly SCSI that can be added to a virtual machine? Best Daniel
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    Ideal HA node config on a budget + Ceph nodes as two separate data pools?

    After spending some time learning that SAN is the traditional storage route and that Ceph + "hyperconverged" is actually encouraged now that we have the technology, I am a little lost on how to proceed with my home lab. I don't know if using Ceph would be like trying to shoe horn a new...
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    [SOLVED] proxmox-backup-file-restore ?

    Hello, I just noticed that there is a new utility called proxmox-backup-file-restore available within one of my PVE hosts updated. The description of the package reads the following: "Proxmox Backup single file restore tools for pxar and block device backups This package contains the Proxmox...
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    Read Only block storage in VM

    hello I've had an on-going issue for some time. i have 4tb Samsung external USB HDD connected to an Odroid H2 via usb 3 > running proxmox 6.3 a while back I attempted...
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    Proxmox 6.2 NVMe Character Appears, Block Devices missing

    I have a long-running server which use 2x ZFS-mirrored 7TB Ultrastar SN200 Series NVMe SSDs running Proxmox 6.2. I bought two more identical devices and setup a second server about a month ago. I could create VMs and migrate to/from local-vmdata (the local ZFS pool on these drives). At some...
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    Ceph storage to block device

    Hi all, So we're running a 3 node cluster with Ceph storage (single pool). Now we want to access the Ceph storage as block devices, but all guides I'm finding on the intenet, all refer to eg /dev/rdb/POOLNAME etc, ... I know we did succeed in getting a block device for an existing pool in the...
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    zfs loss storage when add new block device by FC-switch

    In linux all /dev/disk/by-* show link to block device in /dev/sd?, example: # ls -la /dev/disk/by-path/ total 0 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 200 Nov 2 12:58 . drwxr-xr-x 8 root root 160 Nov 1 21:21 .. lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 Nov 2 12:59 pci-0000:05:00.0-fc-0x2100000e1ecd8890-lun-0 -> ../../sde...


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