1. [SOLVED] Random access speed slowdown in Nested Proxmox

    Hi. Please take a look at the image comparison first. I ran Crystaldiskmark on a bare metal Proxmox and a nested Proxmox. The storage random access speed is clearly lower on the nested. What could be the cause of this? I imagine it is the block size. Memory cache is set to "none". Any Idea?
  2. Problems following proxmox documentation about ZFS benchmarking

    Hello everybody, I want to benchmark my ZFS pools in a server that it's already running with data (mostly testing, but I don't want to lose it). For that purpose I have found =278bafe4f7648fa8072a76aebfd271e2']this, a ZFS benchmark done by proxmox team. So it looks like a great fit. They are...
  3. [SOLVED] PBS benchmark tool - Good TLS speed in local but decreased TLS speed from remote

    Hi there, as the title suggested, I would like to troubleshooting my issue with you. I installed a Proxmox Backup Server on a dedicated hardware: If I run proxmox-backup-client benchmark --repository BackupPVE i have this result: Now, from my main Proxmox server I get this result using...
  4. PMG benchmark

    Hello the community, Are there charts on the message processing capacities per PMG node ? Example : i have to design some PMG for 1 million mails received+sent per day with a size of 50ko : how many nodes should I deploy (on recent materials) ? Thanks for your answers.
  5. [TUTORIAL] Write Amplification Benchmark Results

    The last weeks I did 172 benchmarks to find out why my write amplification is so horrible and to see what storage setup might work better. In this thread I will try to summerize all the tests and explain what I learned so far. Edit: Will post link when finished.
  6. pbs-restore performance optimization (parallelization)

    Hey guys, thanks for the release of Proxmox Backup Server! PBS looks very promising in regards to what our company needs: Incremental backups of our VMs, e.g. every 15 minutes Flexible retention cycle, e.g. keep last 8, keep 22 hours, ... One pushing PVE client, several backup servers pull...
  7. Benchmark: 3 node AMD EPYC 7742 64-Core, 512G RAM, 3x3 6,4TB Micron 9300 MAX NVMe

    Hi everbody, we are currently in the process of replacing our VMware ESXi NFS Netapp setup with a ProxMox Ceph configuration. We purchased 8 nodes with the following configuration: - ThomasKrenn 1HE AMD Single-CPU RA1112 - AMD EPYC 7742 (2,25 GHz, 64-Core, 256 MB) - 512 GB RAM - 2x 240GB SATA...
  8. Basic IO benchmarks between zfs/lvm-thin/qcow2

    Just ran these the other week, thought I'd share. I'll try to do some more proper ones on Linux, but before that happens here's some CrystalDiskMark ones on Windows 2019 (virtio-scsi). The underlying storage is a single Samsung 850 PRO SSD. I was pleasantly surprised by the QCOW2 performance...


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