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  1. LDAP Sync - still seems to add suspended/inactive users?

    Hi, We're using the LDAP sync feature ( - and I've noticed that it doesn't seem to take into account whether a user is active or not (i.e. suspended in Google Workspace). So it appears to add...
  2. Proxmox LDAP Sync - Hard Limit on number of users?

    Of course - I've raised to track this.
  3. Proxmox LDAP Sync - Hard Limit on number of users?

    Aha, this is maybe another of those "640K ought to be enough for anybody" moments ;). (Possibly an apocryphal quote). For our specific use case, I'm very confident that boosting it to 1MB would resolve our issue. (Assuming it scales linearly). We were around 3000 users before, we added another...
  4. Proxmox LDAP Sync - Hard Limit on number of users?

    So I found an earlier patch, where we increased the limit from 128Kb to 512Kb, back in 2016: Is it viable at all to increase this limit again? (e.g. to...
  5. Proxmox LDAP Sync - Hard Limit on number of users?

    It's probably around 4000-4500 - it's used as an internal lab for experimenting with VMs. It's a four-node cluster, each node has around 2TB of memory, and 128 cores, so we can get some decent utilisation. Obviously it won't be concurrent usage from all the users at once, but a portion of them...
  6. Proxmox LDAP Sync - Hard Limit on number of users?

    Are there any workarounds we can use, to get a larger user.cfg file?
  7. Proxmox LDAP Sync - Hard Limit on number of users?

    Hmm, what happens beyond that point? Or is there any way to increase this limit in pmxcfs? (I think we probably have around 5000-ish users - it's possible the overhead, or metadata per user that's boosting it up - but we are close).
  8. Any way to rebuild missing EFI volume from a ZFS mirrored pair?

    Hi, OK, I have a Proxmox 6.4 cluster I set up. The boot volume is a mirrored ZFS setup, with 2 x 1TB disks (/dev/nvme1n1 and /dev/nvme5n1). I fat-fingered it, and accidentally ran ceph-volume lvm zap on one of the two disks (/dev/nvme5n1) accidentally *sad face*. The ZFS volume itself on the...
  9. Proxmox LDAP Sync - Hard Limit on number of users?

    Hi, Does anybody know if there's a hard limit on the number of users that the LDAP sync in Proxmox can do? Or is the below a bug? I have a Proxmox 6.4 cluster, and I'm trying to an LDAP sync as follows: pveum realm sync "" --full --purge --scope both However, after running...
  10. Network connectivity broken in 5.11.21-1?

    Thanks! I can confirm that adding the suffix "np0" to the original device name "enp1s0" resolved the issue. Should I also rename the iface enp1s0 near the top fo the files as well? auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp1s0 inet manual iface enp3s0f3u1u3c2 inet manual iface eno1 inet...
  11. Network connectivity broken in 5.11.21-1?

    Hmm, this is the output of ip addr, with the 5.4 kernel: # ip addr 1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN group default qlen 1000 link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:00 inet scope host lo valid_lft forever preferred_lft...
  12. Network connectivity broken in 5.11.21-1?

    Hi I have just setup a new Proxmox system that I've recently set up on Proxmox 6.4. Network card is a Mellanox ConnectX-5 with 100Gbe ports. I've also installed the latest 5.11 kernel to test this out. I know that 5.11.x was working on previous installs on this system. However, when I did an...
  13. Ceph Pacific is out! =)

    Ceph Pacific (16.2.0) just got announced: Yay! =) There should be Debian Buster packages available. Any chance we can get this in the testing Ceph repo soon? Would love to kick the tyres.
  14. Auth Module openid-connect

    @Glowsome How are things going? What sort of issues did you hit? Anything we or anybody else could help with maybe? =) Really appreciate you kick-starting this awesome effort.
  15. API to read QEMU VM creation time or uptime?

    Has there been any interest still of getting more structured task information into Proxmox? (e.g. creation time, user, or other things?)


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