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  1. BSOD in windows 10 VM when copying large files over the network

    So, I went to correct the virtio drivers, installed the latest available version, changed to Virtio SCSI, Virtio SCSI single, both tested, both still BSOD at the very end of the file copy task. Still trying to figure out what's the issue.
  2. BSOD in windows 10 VM when copying large files over the network

    Hello, I have a curious issue, I have a main server running proxmox, yesterday I needed to offload some of its backup data off of its disks. I decided to move the data to my workstation also running on a Proxmox host. The workstation is a AMD platform, huge amount of RAM, 2xQuadro P620 for 2...
  3. Debug a freezing VM

    Yes, no console access. This was my original config: >>I had a first physical Win 2k8 R2 with Hyper-V for roughly 10 years: -pfsense -win 2k8 r2 VM with FTP server -win 2k8 r2 VM with DC controller 1 -win 2k8 r2 VM with DC controller 2 (yah I know, both DC on the same box.. was not my doing)...
  4. Debug a freezing VM

    Thanks Dominic for the feedback and really sorry for my late reply, had to move server room. Here is the qm config: root@pvhost:~# qm config 206 boot: c bootdisk: ide0 cores: 4 ide0: VMs:206/NSERVER3_C_Drive.qcow2,cache=writethrough,size=466G ide1...
  5. Debug a freezing VM

    Hello, I recently migrated a physical 2008 R2 setup onto a proxmox server and it seems to be running fine except it freezes from time to time. I would timeout network connection etc....but the VM indicate that it did not encounter issue. After a few minutes, everything goes back to normal like...
  6. Disable ZFS ARC or limiting it

    Thanks, I don't plan on adding more drives in ZFS, it's only to build a 2 men workstation, so all devices are passed through. :) Rebooted a few times since then and it seems correctly set, always using 1024GB, Tempted to give less as the current arcsize is just 24MB, I'll let the users use the...
  7. Disable ZFS ARC or limiting it

    Found an article about this, applied control on min and max Arc, applied 512MB and 1GB limits.
  8. Disable ZFS ARC or limiting it

    Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to disable ZFS ARC? or limiting it as much as possible and how much would be enough. My config is that I created a mirror pool for Proxmox system and that's it. On the Rpool, only proxmox and the Windows 10/Winvirtio drivers ISO are residing. The...
  9. NVME and Win10

    For some reason, the host is using more RAM than I planned. I was thinking of 4(host)+14(VMA)+14(VMB). I'll read some stuff on how to reduce Proxmox RAM usage. It's using RAM mostly for ZFS as it's serving only 2 VMs and all other drives are passed through. Again, Thanks for the people who...
  10. NVME and Win10

    Hello Everybody (first post here), I have a curious problem. I am new to Proxmox, this is the second computer I am building using it, the first one was a server with multiple Win Server 2008 in a bid to do Physical to Virtual migration. Now, this is the config: Ryzen 3700X 32GB RAM 2xWD SSD for...


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