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  1. Change password root hosts.

    Hello, I would like to change the root password of the hosts, and leave only authentication by the data center, with the users I have created, can you help me? what I specifically need is to change the root password of the cluster hosts. Can you help me?
  2. Again problems with sizes in zfs.

    The problem is that I cannot locate such a large file anywhere, the only option is to empty it and recreate the zvol?
  3. Again problems with sizes in zfs.

    What options do I have to solve the problem? I am already 99% full and I am afraid of losing the file. The file creates it on 12000G and the volume of 15Tb, the truth is that I am afraid that it will continue to grow and eventually break.
  4. Again problems with sizes in zfs.

    Can you help me change it?
  5. Again problems with sizes in zfs.

    Is there a way to optimize that doesn't consume 14,8Tb when the disk is 11,7 Tb? Now changing from raidz to mirror is impossible, since it is not a manageable size. Can I change the volblocksize for a bigger one?
  6. Again problems with sizes in zfs.

    What options do I have to solve it?
  7. Again problems with sizes in zfs.

    NAME PROPERTY VALUE SOURCE almacen/vm-142-disk-0 type volume - almacen/vm-142-disk-0 creation sáb nov 16 12:12 2019 - almacen/vm-142-disk-0 used 14,8T -...
  8. Again problems with sizes in zfs.

    But, from 11.7Tb to 14.8? It is a lot of difference, and I'm afraid it will fail, as it already happened to me.
  9. Again problems with sizes in zfs.

    Hello, to see if you can help me please, I have this pool zfs: of 15.31 Tb and marks me as used 14.78 which is 96.52% But the only file I see is 11,70Tb I have reviewed the snapshots and nothing I also find no errors in the zpool Can you help me find out why an 11Tb file occupies...
  10. Remove Snapshot locked

    Hi, I have this problem, when I try to remove a snapshot this block appears to me, I have unlocked the vm with this command but the behavior does not change, I can't delete the snapshot, nor create new ones. Can you help me to delete the snapshot? Thanks!!!
  11. [SOLVED] add storage zfs

    Hello, I had a problem with storage and now I don't see it to be able to create a disk for my vm. In the zpool it appears to me: But when I try to add it to vm no: I have read that I should add it to storage.cfg but I don't know what lines I should add, can you help me?
  12. create disk

    Hello, I just deleted a huge file and now when I try to create the disk this message appears, can you help me? zfs error: cannot create 'almacen/vm-169-disk-0': 'volblocksize' must be power of 2 from 512B to 1M at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/API2/ line 1314. (500)
  13. [SOLVED] Expand swap memory

    Hi, I have this 98% swap situation and I don't know if I should expand it or execute any command to empty it. Can you help me?
  14. [SOLVED] ZFS IO disk error

    Hello! I am already recovering the files inside the raw !, thank you very much, finally with a live cd with the appropriate drivers I have been able to access the info and I am already transferring the information. When I finish, I will remove the raw disk and create it at 80% of the pool...


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