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  1. Ceph questions

    Hi, I'm about to look into Ceph storage for my PVE cluster and have some questions I hope you guys can help with :) I'm having a 3-node PVE3 "cluster" with local disks only. (I use cluster function just to have single web UI) I'm looking into upgrading to PVE5 and then maybe start looking into...
  2. GUI reports occasionally failed nodes

    Ok, that's what I thought. I thought that async would fix these issues though... :) Any ideas for alternative to NFS or TCP vs UDP connection?
  3. GUI reports occasionally failed nodes

    Hi, I have some weird behaviours with PVE 3.3-5. Occasionally, GUI reports failed/red nodes in our PVE cluster. After some minutes all nodes return to green state again. This behaviour typically occours while having connection issue with NFS (only used for backup, templates, ISOs). I see...
  4. Offsite/Remote Backup Strategy

    I don't recommend backing up directly to remote storage. Instead backup to local storage and rsync to remote storage. Also recommending patching Proxmox Backup to support differential backup:
  5. NFS3 works on one server, not the second

    If you mount with verbose output, what do you get? mount -v -t nfs -o vers=3,nvsvers=3 server://mnt/nfs1/nfs-openvz/OF-NFS-1 /mnt/pve/openvz-nfs
  6. Error when upgrading

    To be honest, I just quickly browsed it ... I will have a closer look. Thanks :)
  7. Error when upgrading

    Good point! I actually do have Adaptec controller, and did install the maxView Storage Manager. Didn't have any issues with that though - it just worked :) I still can log in to maxView - so not sure if that is the reason of the Proxmox upgrade errors. Everything seems to work.. just curious...
  8. Error when upgrading

    Hi Guys, Have any of you ever seen this error when upgrading Proxmox? Setting up pve-firmware (1.1-3) ... Setting up pve-qemu-kvm (1.7-8) ... Setting up qemu-server (3.1-16) ... Setting up libpve-common-perl (3.0-18) ... Setting up pve-manager (3.2-4) ... Restarting PVE Daemon: pvedaemonCan't...
  9. Still having backup issues with crashing VMs

    Have you installed Virtio drivers? :)
  10. Still having backup issues with crashing VMs

    root@proxmox:~# pveperf CPU BOGOMIPS: 47881.56 REGEX/SECOND: 858220 HD SIZE: 94.49 GB (/dev/mapper/pve-root) BUFFERED READS: 470.09 MB/sec AVERAGE SEEK TIME: 5.17 ms FSYNCS/SECOND: 3016.44 DNS EXT: 144.45 ms DNS INT: 62.33 ms (lf.local) Currently...
  11. Still having backup issues with crashing VMs

    Hi, We are still seeing backup issues with Proxmox. Issues only occour on Windows VMs. Backup completes 100%, no errors. But inside Windows VM we receive an Atapi event ID 9 (The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort0, did not respond within the timeout period.). And Windows either get unrespondable or...
  12. Good support for proxmox

    I think the Proxmox pricing are just fine... depending on your needs of course. If 1 day reponse time is not good enough for you, you are welcome to contact me. - Michael (
  13. Cannot boot after clean install

    Hi Guys, Thanks for your ideas, but as I write, Proxmox installation is indeed working with 3.1 installer. So I can now boot Proxmox, update it to 3.2 and reboot Works fine. So as I wrote, there must be some changes in the 3.1 vs 3.2 installer.
  14. Cannot boot after clean install

    After some searching in the forum, I tried out installing Proxmox 3.1. Installation went fine, and I can also boot(!!). After doing aptitude update && aptitude dist-upgrade to Proxmox 3.2, evertyhing still Works perfect! So there must be some changes/issues in the 3.2 installer?
  15. Cannot boot after clean install

    No... first thing I checked :)


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