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  1. Problem with login when one node is offline

    Hi, Hi, I faced strange problem last week. I have 2 nodes cluster for testing. Due to RAM upgrade I had to power off one node. When one node was powered off I tried to login to web panel but it failed. I was sure that the password was correct. When I checked the logs I found that problem is...
  2. Cluster webauthn configuration

    While searching how to use webauthn for multiple domains in clustered environment I have found the following thread for the PMG . I have found that using the same approach I can achieve the expected result...
  3. [SOLVED] Node connection failed after joining cluster

    I have found the solution in middle of the yesterday night and had no time to answer. The reason was that the firewall on cluster config was set to "on" and node after joining the cluster had cleared the local firewall configuration so all packets was dropped - default policy DROP. Configuring...
  4. [SOLVED] Node connection failed after joining cluster

    I have strange problem. After the node joins to cluster it's no longer directly accessible. I have 2 nodes. A ( and B ( - fully fresh install). On node A I'm creating the cluster using web panel Next I'm joining the cluster using node B web panel...
  5. QNAP KVM booting problem

    I'm trying to install the latest PBS version on QNAP server (QTS Hero 5, Virtualization Station 3). The installation process goes without any problems but after the grub screen the boot hangs: There is no difference if I install it with bios or uefi, CPU model and KVM guest os version...
  6. Live migration with proxmox backup server

    I wonder, is it possible to achieve live migration with PBS? We have live restore which works great, so are there any cons to go further and use PBS to migrate VMs?
  7. PBS Backup a MacBook?

    Sounds nice and I also would like to see such feature.
  8. PBS 2FA on PVE

    Nice to hear that it's on the roadmap as at the moment the wiki list is quite short :) Thank you :)
  9. PBS 2FA on PVE

    Hi, is it possible to migrate somehow the 2FA implementation from PBS to PVE? It's a lot more advanced and allows to set multiple keys per user and login with hardware keys on mobile devices (for example on iPhone) which IMO is a very important feature.
  10. Differentiating between vm's

    I don't think it's a good idea. What about HA? If VM will change the host which hostname should be added? This can produce a lot of confusion in future.
  11. Possibility to set quota for datastores

    I know that it's old thread but I'm facing with the same problem. Did you find any solution?
  12. CRASHING - 2 of my 3 machines ver 7 randomly crash

    Maybe something related to ?
  13. Kernel Panic, whole server crashes about every day

    @t.lamprecht , as I understood the bug is fixed, right? In which kernel version the fix was implemented?
  14. DiskIO in CT missing

    I have the same problem on 6.4. But only on zfs. My setup: Dell r630 H730 with 4x raid1 (8 disks - HDDs and SSDs) - lvm thin - VMs/Containers created on those have valid disk usage statistics GIGABYTE 4xM.2 to PCIE adapter with 4 disks - 2x zfs MIRROR with 2 disks in each mirror - the...


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