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    Pve cluster and GUI

    Hey Badji, because without cluster we can't do that. Cluster doesn't working currect right now and we don't have GUI, we must remove node3 from cluster to have back GUI, but that is not a solution right now. Also we must transfer VM's from one node to another to update corosync 3 .. and after...
  2. strix

    Pve cluster and GUI

    After several times and after node3 joins cluster we are loosing all nodes / VM's on GUI. We are trying with serveral ways... multicast, unicast but unfortunately everytime the same result. The hosts files are currect. Any help ?
  3. strix

    Pve cluster and GUI

    After several restarts of the 3rd node (something that I've done quite a few times before even posting here) nodes 1 & 2 are part of the cluster while node 3 believes it's the only member of the same cluster. Here is the pvecm status from node 2 root@srv2:~# pvecm status Quorum information...
  4. strix

    Pve cluster and GUI

    We have a cluster with 3 nodes. And we have a very strange situation. If pve cluster service starts on node3, we are loosing all nodes and vm’s on GUI. Proxmox version 5.4.7 Linux version 4.15.18-41 What can we do about that? Any advice? Thanks
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    Grub Rescue problem

    Hi to all, i have a problem with grub rescue after i try to join one cluster from this server. My server is ProLiant DL360p Gen8 by the way if that helps. On grub rescue i try to "ls" command in all partitions but unfortunately i'am recieivng that "Filesystem is unkwown" and "filesystem is...
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    Cluster question

    Hey LnxBil :) Yes only the one node working right now. We created the cluster at srv#1 first of all. Srv#1 has 10 VM on. We also have srv#2 with 30 VM but unfortunatelly he can't join the cluster because of VM's. And last of all we try to join srv#3 on cluster, srv#3 has no VM's on. After that...
  7. strix

    Cluster question

    Hello, i have some questions about proxmox cluster. We have one cluster with two nodes, node3 and node1. Node3 is the master. I have already create the cluster but after that i try to join node1... but unfortunately node3 has problem. I'am recieving "error: checksum verification failed...
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    GPU error

    Hello, i try to enable GPU graphic card for VM on windows 10 but i'am getting errors on vm start. I have add one pci device with all functions enabled, primary GPU and ROM-Bar enabled, but it seems VM can't start. I use 5.3-8 proxmox version. My GPU is AMD FirePro W5000. kvm: -device...
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    About high load and hard drives

    L2 ARC Evicts: Lock Retries: 35 Upon Reading: 0 L2 ARC Breakdown: 107.74M Hit Ratio: 28.93% 31.17M Miss Ratio: 71.07% 76.56M...
  10. strix

    About high load and hard drives

    arc_summary ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ZFS Subsystem Report Thu Jan 24 11:45:38 2019 ARC Summary: (HEALTHY) Memory Throttle Count: 0 ARC Misc: Deleted: 54.23M...
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    About high load and hard drives

    zpool status pool: rpool state: ONLINE scan: scrub repaired 0B in 0h6m with 0 errors on Sun Jan 13 00:30:58 2019 config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM rpool ONLINE 0 0 0 mirror-0 ONLINE 0 0 0 sdg2 ONLINE...
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    About high load and hard drives

    Hello everyone, i'am using proxmox last 2 years, but i'am facing one little problem and i can't find how to solved it, so i need some help, or some advices about what can i do for this kind of situation. I'am using proxmox and i have a VM inside, with 16CPU (2sockets, 8 cores), 90G RAM, 4 x...
  13. strix

    VM stack

    Hi to all, we need some help with one VM on Proxmox. We are using 5.2-9 version, but one VM stacks every some time, every 2, 6 or 7 days for ukwown reason the last 1 month. The problem is that there is no error log, or any messages about this crash/stack of VM. The moment that VM stacks...
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    User management pool resources

    Hello guys, i have one question about user management and specific i want to create one user or group that i can give him example for his pool: 10 CPU, 40GB RAM, 2TB Disk. All this resources only nothing more. And then he can logged in into proxmox web interface and can create, delete, backup...
  15. strix

    ZFS RAID and VM Build

    So if i need format QEMU or VMware image format what can i do ? For Directory i read this on "Examples" "It is recommended to create an extra ZFS file system to store your VM images." Yes i mean zfs_arc_max parameter. On this node i'am gonna create one...


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