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  1. Scheduled downtime of large CEPH node

    also, if you install new monitors, you need to stop/start vms or live migrate to use the new monitors. About the "out" state of osd, it's working fine. Just add new disks, set current osd as "out". (but still "in"). So they still serve data to client, but at same time, they are...
  2. KVM Rate Limit does not work with UDP

    Hi, does it work for tcp ? (note that in the gui, it's in MB/s not Mbit/s)
  3. Corosync OK but node won't up on a cluster

    can try to launch pmxcfs in debug mode and send the result ? "pmxcfs -d"
  4. Corosync OK but node won't up on a cluster

    the corosync part seem to be ok, only pve-cluster / pmxcfs seem to hang. do you have checked that you don't have any file in /etc/pve/ when is not mounted by pmxcfs ?
  5. 6.3 vzdump imported to 6.0, resulting vm won't boot

    sound like bug indeed. what is the content of the vmid.conf in the backup ? (the boot: field) you can still delete the boot: field from the restored vm, and changed it again the in gui.
  6. VM crashes during Backup after Upgrade

    Do you have limited the zfs memory ? it's quite possible that zfs memory cache is growing during the backup read, and then no enough memory for your vm -> oom
  7. A start job is running for network initialisation (t... / no limit)

    rm /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/wait_for_link_up see (don't known why ovh have added this file in their template, it's not something officlal)
  8. Restrict IP usage for specific VM

    proxmox is doing it for you when you enable firewall on an nic interface (fwbrX bridge)
  9. Restrict IP usage for specific VM

    Hi, see:
  10. ceph update procedure

    systemctl restart
  11. Windows 2019: Lost IP address after PV upgrade to 6.4-6

    Hi, they are a change in qemu 5.2 in pci root bridge, and windows think that we you have new devices (so lost ip config, as windows associated ip to device pci slot number) proxmox have a new option "machine" in the gui, where you can setup version. (5.1 for example to keep old version"). I...
  12. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    I have send a fix the pve-devel mailing. It seem to have breaked recentyly diff --git a/src/PVE/ b/src/PVE/ index 888875e..4754c5c 100644 --- a/src/PVE/ +++ b/src/PVE/ @@ -945,6 +945,7 @@ sub check_path { |/pool...
  13. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    oh, you're right. I forgot to add the content. I'll fix that asap, thanks for reporting !
  14. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    Hi, mmm, I think I have forgot something in the last version. (I don't have worked too much in permissions, I still need to add pool permissions too) I'll check that today or tomorrow, thanks for report this.
  15. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    @Nascire I have send patch to pve-devel mailing list to fix the is_gateway, and I also allow to reuse the gateway ip if it's already in ipam with "is_gateway" flag. Like this, it's possible to redeclare subnets on multiple proxmox clusters sharing the same ipam. I'll should be available soon...


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