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  1. How to contribute to wiki?

    Well it doesn't seem like it's working lol, is it supposed to work now? Well it's not working for me and the persons of those threads: Then setting up the...
  2. How to contribute to wiki?

    1- LXC is not ready for production, things like seeing the host's proc info is an handicap for anyone. Is there an advantage to this that I don't know? 2- Network on 4.3 is an horrowshow. On 3.4, you enter the ip and you click next; the VM is already deployed. Now we have to manually edit the...
  3. How to contribute to wiki?

    I am sorry about my shit attitude, but i am irritated because i trusted Proxmox 3.4. It was so simple, now proxmox 4 changed a lot and for the worst. There is not one aspect that I like of it except smart values for the disks lmao, and we are forced to migrate seeing 3.4 end of life incoming.
  4. How to contribute to wiki?

    Okay but what about CLEAR documentation about OTP? This documentation has disappeared since that merge.
  5. How to contribute to wiki?

    Before I start, good job at destroying documentation in your wiki (modified on october 22 2016). @wolfgang The 2 factor authentication "how to" was easy to follow with images, now you just destroyed it with irrevelant information. Also, there are some things I would like to modify in the wiki...
  6. 2nd Public IP Address KVM

    I would like to get an answer to this too, this guide : doesn't work for QEMU.
  7. Proxmox on SYS (OVH) - Initial setup with multiple SSDs

    Just talked with SYS, representative said that the OVH installer will setup the first 2 disks as raid 1 and the 3rd one can be used as storage. Are you sure that the OVH installer is setting up the 3 disks in Raid 1 Software? :/ I will try to check if thats right, by looking at the space left...
  8. Proxmox on SYS (OVH) - Initial setup with multiple SSDs

    Hello, I've searched the forum for a while and can't find the answer to my question. I have a SYS server, with 3 x 120 gb SSD drives. I'm having a hard time setting up my SSDs from the SYS install manager. It is only using 1 disk, as you can see here: However, when proxmox is installed, I...
  9. The container failed to start

    @David212121 Did you read the thread I've sent in my last message. It will fix your issue.
  10. [Q] LXC configuration wizard: what is "CPU limit" & "CPU unit"?

    LXC. I understand there are good reasons to go from openvz to lxc, but the fact that the containers can see the node's info is a major drawback that makes proxmox unusable for different kind of production environments.
  11. LXC Container show Load and hardware from Host

    There is no advantage in being able to see the host info in a container. It's a bug that is not fixable, and that was simply ignored due to the urgency of leaving openvz. What a shame!
  12. proxmox 4.3 not starting

    You are probably an OVH customer :
  13. The container failed to start

    You are proably an OVH customer :
  14. [Q] LXC configuration wizard: what is "CPU limit" & "CPU unit"?

    I feel like downgrading from 3.4 to 4.3. It hurts, I had faith in Proxmox. Just wanted to add my voice to the unhappy people because of proxmox staff not acknowledging that they made a mistake.
  15. Proxmox 4.3 OVH installer fails to start LXC containers

    Thank you for this! I just installed V4.3 yesterday and was wondering what the issue was!


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