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  1. [SOLVED] No network after Proxmox kernel upgrade

    How about NIC driver and FW version?
  2. [SOLVED] No network after Proxmox kernel upgrade

    Hi! First of all download newest driver from Intel. For example for x710 Unpack it, install kernel-headers, development-tools, gcc, etc. cd i40e-<x.x.x>/src/...
  3. [SOLVED] No network after Proxmox kernel upgrade

    No, Dell servers are used in our case. Still - first check, using ethtool -i $interface_name, X710 FW and driver version. I suggest to have version 8.30 and driver version at least 2.14.13. I had 6.01 FW version and 2.8.40 driver version at the beginning!
  4. [SOLVED] No network after Proxmox kernel upgrade

    Actually nobody checked if all IFs are up at the beginning. They are bonded, so all the time at least one IF was up. Only latter i found out on switch, that a random IF is down after reboot. One more thing i did - upgraded FW of the NIC to the latest Intel provided FW.
  5. [SOLVED] No network after Proxmox kernel upgrade

    Problem solved! 1. We have X520-DA2 and X710-DA2 ethernet controllers in servers; 2. pve-kernel-5.4 uses ixgbe v.5.1.0-k for X520-DA2 and i40e v.2.8.20-k for X710-DA2; 3. Latest ixgbe driver version available @intel web site is 5.11.3; 4. Latest i40e driver version available @intel web site is...
  6. [Solved] Intel X540-T2 - second port not sending or receiving packets

    And it works as expected after a server reboot? I still cant find the reason why randomly one or more interfaces are not detected correctly during bootup!
  7. [SOLVED] No network after Proxmox kernel upgrade

    Did some testing and it gets pretty interesting: dmesg | grep gb [22:44:01] [ 2.830801] igb: Intel(R) Gigabit Ethernet Network Driver -...
  8. [SOLVED] No network after Proxmox kernel upgrade

    Here you go! Beside I'm back with kernel version 5.4.78-2-pve. What i tried: disabled all vmbr and VLANs, so only physical interfaces and bonds are enabled. Still the same with new kernel and with the old one all interfaces are up. N3K debug log has no error messages or something like that! 1...
  9. [SOLVED] No network after Proxmox kernel upgrade

    Long story short: Did apt upgrades to first server of my 6 server Proxmox 6.3 cluster. Exact versions: pveversion --verbose proxmox-ve: 6.3-1...
  10. Ceph on Raid0

    DELL PowerEdge R720xd servers were used! Srsly - cant remember about leds :(
  11. Cephfs content backed up in Proxmox Backup Server

    Hi! I have a 6 server cluster: 3 servers are hybrid nodes with a lot of OSDs and other 3 nodes are like VM processing nodes. Everything is backed up by 2x2 port 10G NIC in hybrid nodes and 1x2 port 10G NIC un processing nodes and two stacked N3K switches. Ceph does the thing for VM storage and...
  12. Ceph on Raid0

    Hi! As far as i remember, leds were working! I sent those servers over to the client, so i have no option to take a look at them any more! :(
  13. Ceph on Raid0

    Worked as expected and servers now using Ceph like they should in JBOD mode - thanks again! :);)
  14. Ceph on Raid0

    Thanks! Will test this as soon as possible! ;)
  15. Ceph on Raid0

    Can you please share how to do that? We have Dell 720xd servers with perc h710 mini, but there is no option to enable pass-through for disks! :(


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