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  1. tagging instances

    @jermudgeon Yes, I configure Consul and Nomad as SystemD services, as direct binary execution. After, I install Nomad/Consul inside the VMs, they would in turn be used to manage Docker containers (inside the VM).
  2. have qemu-guest-agent installed by default

    currently using version " Backup Server 0.8-9 ". would it be possible to add the package "qemu-guest-agent" as part of the default installed packages? use case is that the PBS will be a VM itself! :)
  3. Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    Waaaaiittt a minute ... this is awesome!!! The fact that it is incremental backup *automatically* was not obvious to me! After I backed up my test VM the second time, it became obvious ... at the end of the backup .... INFO: backup was done incrementally, reused 127.23 GiB (99%) INFO...
  4. Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    This is awesome Proxmox Team!!! I have downloaded the ISO, installed it in a VM and tried to just setup things without deep diving in the docs, and I must say, this is a really simple and smooth experience. (Proxmox just spoils people by making easy-to-understand web GUIs) :) :) :) That said, I...
  5. [SOLVED] The SSH always hangs on first time

    Usually (usually) the DNS server is not the problem. Typically workstations (laptop/desktop) and such don't have a DNS record on the LAN and hence the delay. After the login into the ssh server, what does nslookup of your workstation IP reveal?
  6. [SOLVED] The SSH always hangs on first time

    The SSH server could be trying a DNS lookup of the connecting client, maybe? Maybe you can try disabling dns lookup of the sshd server and see if the timeouts still occur?
  7. [SOLVED] Centos 7 would not shutdown under Proxmox 6.1

    Sometimes I observe this behavior with running VMs/CTs. Everything works OK once I reboot the host machine.
  8. Hi, The like was as I would like to see a wider adoption of Proxmox as I think it is an awesome...

    Hi, The like was as I would like to see a wider adoption of Proxmox as I think it is an awesome product. I have no PPC machines myself. That said, you could send and email to their general contact email, maybe that might help? Also, I think the folks with "member" status on the forum are...
  9. Migrating VirtualBox VM to Proxmox VE

    any luck with Clonezilla???
  10. CentOS 8 Container?

    while I wait for the LXC template, for my other experiments, I built a CentOS Docker using the following:
  11. CentOS 8 Container?

    I am awaiting eagerly as well. :):):)
  12. Proxmox VE 6.0 released!

    @gyq just an idea, can you try using the keyboard to see if that works, Alt+(underlined letter). Of course you will have to run the installer somewhere else to see what you have to press in the real server
  13. Migrate LXC to KVM

    In case you want to use the rsync method, the rsync options which have served me well over the years are: # rsync -XxAaPSH src/ dest/ I know some options are "optional", I just use that string for an easy mnemonic.
  14. v4.2 no graphic/details/stats and date 01.01.1970

    Its "rrd", round-robin-database


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