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  1. Is vzdump using O_DIRECT IO?

    good question , i think O_DIRECT for vzdump worth to be implemented
  2. Hardware recomendation for painles update?

    >They are most of the time more expensive than a used HP/Dell/Lenovo server but these usually got proprietary hardware or features locked by licensing yeah, this really sucks. for example, using 3rd party hdd's or pcie cards in HP servers will significantly increase fan speed, i.e. noise and...
  3. Hardware recomendation for painles update?

    watch out for workstations or tower servers then, rack servers are not built for being silent
  4. Using ZFS with qcow2

    is that right? perhaps you'd care to post some benchmarks? >What advantages are you referring to? - being able to easily...
  5. [SOLVED] pvesm remove local doesn't work, instead it re-enables it

    i have been pointed here from my ticket at i think it's it's a little bit weird, that you can delete "local" datastore in webgui and it's getting deleted in storage.cfg whereas it's been still shown in webgui as an active datastore and it's...
  6. Hardware recomendation for painles update?

    >My recommendation will be the 730XD i you want a cheap and powersaving homeserver with lots of disk and ram slots, i would have a look at dell r620 10-bay version. have seen it for 110 euros without cpu and ram you can populate it with a single cpu and still have 12 ram slots, and 8gb ddr3...
  7. KVM Modul an Container durchreichen ?

    ich denke nicht, daß ein lxc container eine gute wahl ist für einen golem provider node "To run a Golem provider node we recommend a physical machine as you may encounter issues and limitations when running it on a virtual...
  8. Using ZFS with qcow2

    >With qcow2 you got another additional filesystem that could be avoided by using zvols. >CoW got terrible overhead and as overhead will multiply and not add up, it can get really >bad when running a CoW filesystem on top of another CoW filesystem. could you describe what terrible overhead you...
  9. Using ZFS with qcow2

    > Jup. And SSD wear in case you use SSDs. why ?
  10. glusterfs + sharding + afr question

    is anybody using proxmox with glusterfs ? if i use afr / replication together with sharding (for example with dual node and 3rd node with arbiter volume), now if one node goes down and comes back after a short time, and there where only tiny changes to the virtual disk (hosted on glusterfs)...
  11. Urgent/important issue regarding proxmox/ceph storage and kvm virtualization!

    are you still affected of this bug @Daniel S. @d1_sen ? if yes, could you please post all details of your system(s) and your affected VM(s) (VM configuration...) ?
  12. VMs starten nach Neustart sporadisch nicht.

    @Igel63 , kannst Du bitte möglichst viel Input dazu liefern? Siehe
  13. No bootable device - migrierte Server lassen sich nicht rebooten

    @Romsch , @studiofunk , @Sourcenux besteht bei Euch das Problem noch und könnt ihr dazu auch noch möglichst viel Input liefern ?
  14. No bootable device - migrierte Server lassen sich nicht rebooten

    das nervt nicht , daß ist ein echtes problem. @Tardar kannst du bitte input dazu liefern? dein setup genau beschreiben und das fehlerbild ? wo es auftritt, unter welchen umständen oder ob du es womöglich reproduzieren kannst? am besten direkt im bugzilla ticket. falls das nicht möglich ist...
  15. Proxmox Xeon CPU upgrade choice

    while you write this, i remember that have once seen something similar in the past with with L56xx series vs E56xx.


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