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    Problems with upgrade. The CPU reaches critical temperature during boot

    > Measuring with a thermometer, the processor temperature is low how do you measure cpu temperatur with a thermometer ? i would check if the heatsinks are installed correctly (including thermal grease)
  2. RolandK

    Cloning Proxmox VE hard disk to SSD with the same size.

    you should check if blocksize of ssd matches blocksize of hdd, otherwise you may get performance impact
  3. RolandK

    Proxmox balloon does not seem to work properly in PVE8

    what about printing a warning then when enabling balooning or keep the user away from enabling balooning ?
  4. RolandK

    [SOLVED] qrencode is broken in proxmox kvm/qemu vnc console

    you're right, i didn't know that linux console is not capable of utf8, thanks for explaining. did not know about fbterm, too. nice to learn , thank you !
  5. RolandK

    [SOLVED] qrencode is broken in proxmox kvm/qemu vnc console

    >EDIT2: If your machine is Debian-based, try dpkg-reconfigure console-setup. The first question is about UTF8. in /etc/default/console-setup i have CHARMATP="UTF-8" CODESET="Lat15" FONTFACE="Fixed" FONTSIZE="8x16" the qemu/proxmox console prints wrong if i do : # echo "e29684" | xxd...
  6. RolandK

    [SOLVED] qrencode is broken in proxmox kvm/qemu vnc console

    hello, has anybody come across this or an idea, why qrencode has font issues with proxmox vnc console ? i guess there is something special about the charset used in vm emulation layer... the problem does not exist in ssh text console, only...
  7. RolandK

    Schlechte Performance von SSD Speichern

    > Verbatim Vi550 S3 das teil hab ich selbst auf win10 desktops mit ganz normaler workload schon abgrundtief schlecht performen sehen. beim schreiben mit dd sieht man sehr schön , daß die performance ab 50gb writes drastisch einbricht - bei meiner 256gb vi550 von >300MB/s auf ca 40MB/s ich...
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    CPU soft lockup: Watchdog: Bug: soft lockup - CPU#0 stock for 24s!

    you can reproducably soft lockup your cpu by transferring an ISO file to proxmox ?
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    provider für self hosted proxmox mit günstigen ip adressen

    hallo, welche günstigen in deutschland hostenden provider könnt ihr empfehlen die folgende anforderung erfüllen ? mietserver/rootserver mit: - mind 2x 500gb ssd für zfs mirror (OS + VMs) - mind 4 Cores - mind 32gb ram - mind /28-IPv4 Subnetz - konsolen-zugriff - mind 100mbit anbindung , am...
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    default "block all" rule (using pmg with exchange online) ?

    > but it seems you cannot do logical AND with rules and if there is any rule with action "ACCEPT" then this is final one and all other rules being skipped ? ah i see it's on the way !? nice !
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    default "block all" rule (using pmg with exchange online) ?

    thank you , very helpful. for now, i can use blacklist/whitelist to some degree, i just needed a while to find out that i needed "before queue filtering" set to "on" to make it work. i increased whitelist priority above blacklist priority to be able to whitelist individual ip adresses or email...
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    Seemingly random system hangs due to corosync/pmxcfs??

    unshielded twisted pair for cluster interconnect ?
  13. RolandK

    default "block all" rule (using pmg with exchange online) ?

    hello, we move to exchange online and consider implementing pmg as a local mail relay for legacy services , which can't do smtp auth - as these are difficult to handle in exchange online. so we allow our pmg by adding a connector in exchange online, to allow inbound mail receipt from pmg...


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