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  1. Proxmox VE 7.0 released!

    Vielen Dank an das ganze Team 7.0 kam früher als glaub ich alle erwatet haben Drucke euch die Daumen ✌️
  2. Proxmox Host IPv6 DHCP not working

    that's what I meant initially with switching between ifupdown and ifupdown2 xD But there are probably cases where you need the other probably too, however, both are fine. Glad you found a solution. Cheers
  3. Proxmox Host IPv6 DHCP not working

    aaah, here it's documented:
  4. Proxmox Host IPv6 DHCP not working

    hmmh, probably it's a bug of ifupdown itself with the combination of a linux bridge. i have probably a workaround idea, if your dhcp client works, you can add the command via post-up or up: but don't...
  5. Proxmox Host IPv6 DHCP not working

    okay, you can test that. if you booted up, and you don't get an ip over dhcpv6. do you get one if you do systemctl restart networking ? and you can see what error it gives with status.
  6. Proxmox Host IPv6 DHCP not working

    Hmmh, then i believe you. But dhcpv6 works different for ipv6, what i mean is, it's not only broadcast packets like with ipv4. So probably something isn't picked up. Maybe an idea is to switch between ifupdown v1 and ifupdown2. (this is the "service/binary" that reads /etc/network/interfaces...
  7. Proxmox Host IPv6 DHCP not working

    try with iface vmbr0 inet6 auto debian behaves different with "dhcp" as ubuntu for example. if there is no dhcp6 server debian hangs and tryes forever to get one. While Ubuntu switches to slaac. at least it's what i think what happens. auto does slaac. i think simply that you all are confused...
  8. Request here an Howto/Script - Read more.

    Hi, i have a weekend to realize something. So i came up with the idea to make simply something, that's most needed/wished. I have already 3 ideas, but you can request something completely different. 1. Script to Build an LXC Container with a Gui: - The script would be available in my github...
  9. Kernel 5.11

    you have right, aufs isn't loaded, i didn't even recognized it, because docker still runs without any issues. it wouldn't run here for me without aufs. lsmod should list the kernel modules either. but since it doesn't listen aufs, but it still doesn't work without any issues, i guess it's not...
  10. Kernel 5.11

    That trace isn't super helpfull. Probably you could provide more details, like your hardware/chipset/usb controller device, dmesg -loglevel warn,error, etc... Cheers
  11. [SOLVED] Ein neuer kompakter Homeserver muss her…

    Das mit dem Atom kann ich bestätigen, aber es ist nicht nur 27xx, berry trail¿ oder so und noch ne andere generation ist bei mir auch abgeraucht. Einmal zuhause und einmal in nem Synology in der Firma. Also ich würde nicht sagen das die durchbrennen, da die nie heiß werden, die sind dann...
  12. When rebooting machine often network won't work but sometimes it does

    Maybe it's the 2,5gb/s link. What i mean is, on my intel x550 (10gb/s) nic, it took quite long and sometimes i had to trigger myself the autonegotiation to get the 2,5gb/s link up. That time i had only a 2,5gb/s switch. Once i switched up to 10gb/s, it worked instantly and with 1gb/s too. Just...
  13. Proxmox VE 6.4?

    the other packages relies on 5.4, as 5.4 is the default kernel, it makes absolutely sense. 5.4 & 5.11 are 2 different packages, not simply a higher version. So dunno if it's even possible to update the dependencies of all the other packages if you install 5.11. But having 5.4, is really just...
  14. [SOLVED] Ein neuer kompakter Homeserver muss her…

    Das realisiert mann aber meistens im Nachhinein xD Ich hab itx mit stylischem mini Gehäuse, aber hab im Nachhinein auch öfters bereut, nicht was bisschen größeres geholt zu haben, wo einfach mehr reinpasst (hdds/ssds vor allem) xD Was soll's man lernt ja dazu.
  15. Epyc 7402P, 256GB RAM, NVMe SSDs, ZFS = terrible performance

    zfs offers very much and im a big fan of it. But no one can decline that zfs is in most cases even with block tuning and whatever else much slower as anything else (lvm/etc) Especially on consumer disks it's a very big hit. So my main recommendation would always be: - If you need only...


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