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  1. dirty-bitmap status: existing bitmap was invalid and has been cleared - every.single.time!

    ah, yes. There are two backup jobs for this VM to different targets (I am in the process of migrating from my old PBS installation to a new one). I have disabled one and will report back.
  2. Summary page graphs realtime?

    Hi, I am wondering whether it is possible to switch the graphs on the summary pages (like CPU load etc.) to a more granular view. The smallest unit I can choose is hour but I would prefer to have a realtime view, if that is possible. So - is it possible? Thanks
  3. dirty-bitmap status: existing bitmap was invalid and has been cleared - every.single.time!

    Snapshot and the VM has been up for several days without interruption.
  4. dirty-bitmap status: existing bitmap was invalid and has been cleared - every.single.time!

    Hi, I have a three node PVE cluster running with a few VMs. One of them, I back up every two hours. And every time the backup runs (and completes successfully) the dirty bitmap from the previous run is - allegedly - invalid and is cleared. And so the backup (currently shy of 600GiB) takes...
  5. Backup error

    proxmox-ve: 7.2-1 I imagine that the backup would only execute on the node with the guest but that some prior check (are all nodes online?) stops it in its track.
  6. Backup error

    Hi, so I have a four node PVE cluster (the fourth node for experiments only and is offline most of the time so that a quorum is maintained). I just installed a new PBS and wanted to backup one of the VMs to it. But when I start the backup, I get this error: - [Node4]: Node is offline While...
  7. SCSI controller loses tape drives when passed through!?!

    Power cycling the drive did not help, unfortunately. Dmesg out put is quite extensive. Anything in particular that would be of interest? Or should I paste the full output? Thanks
  8. SCSI controller loses tape drives when passed through!?!

    Maybe I should clarify that it is an SAS controller. Don‘t know, if that makes a difference…
  9. SCSI controller loses tape drives when passed through!?!

    Hi, I am running PBS as a VM on PVE. And I am trying to pass through a SCSI controller to this PBS VM. Actually this works, so the controller is passed through and shows up when I type lspci. However, within PBS I can't see the tape drives connected to it anymore. Before passing through the...
  10. PBS client file restore with overwrite?

    Thank you. For now, this means I will try multiple restore runs on different targets and then might need to put a complete set together from the parts.
  11. PBS client file restore with overwrite?

    Hi, So one of my VMs suffered a harddisk failure (the contents were, in principle, all backed up via the PBS client). During the restore process there was a broken pipe error and the process stopped before it was complete - so not all files have been restored. I would like to rerun the...
  12. [TUTORIAL] msmtp for sending pve notification mails

    Anyone who might be able to speak from experience?
  13. ERROR: Backup of VM 202 failed - unable to find VM '202'

    No cluster. Not sure when it was removed, but we're talking about several weeks minimum. Will try to reload the pvescheduler and report back in a couple of days. But I am not overly optimistic, as I had to restart the server a few days ago (which would have caused the scheduler to reload as...
  14. Permanently read I/O on ZFS pool without known access

    Where (in which file) do you apply the global filter? Thanks!


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