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  1. [SOLVED] Replication - space quota exceeded

    My bad, -r flag had to be in previous command zfs destroy -r rpool/data/vm-119-disk-0-old I'll edit it in my previous post, so people who find this will get it right. Yeah, snapshots were the same. Replication was not set up for this VM I think i got everything i needed. Thank you very much...
  2. [SOLVED] Replication - space quota exceeded

    Well, i have used this command zfs send -Rp rpool/data/vm-172-disk-1 | zfs recv rpool/data/vm-172-disk-1-new but it didnt work, so i found out, that i need to create snapshot first and send the snapshot. Apparently there is not need for -o compression=on, because its already present on dataset...
  3. [SOLVED] Replication - space quota exceeded

    Well i checked out how to use zfs send and zfs recv, but iam still not 100% sure and i really dont want to screw anything up. Is this procedure with -R option right? zfs send -R rpool/data/vm-172-disk-1 | zfs recv rpool/data/vm-172-disk-1-new zfs rename rpool/data/vm-172-disk-1...
  4. [SOLVED] Replication - space quota exceeded

    Oh, good point. So i will set zfs set compression=on rpool/data on destination and if i get it right, i need to delete the replication and subvol-150-disk-0 dataset to start it freshly with compression enabled. Is there any possibility to compress other VM/CT datasets so i can prevent problems...
  5. [SOLVED] Replication - space quota exceeded

    I did not do anything, pool is showing that i can upgrade for some time, but i did not proceed. The same thing happened on other proxmox server with different container so i tried to delete the replication (it destroyed CTs dataset too) and set it up again, but it did not helped and ended with...
  6. [SOLVED] Replication - space quota exceeded

    Thank you for trying to help. Looks like there is planty of free space on the pool. root@backup:~$ zfs list -o space rpool NAME AVAIL USED USEDSNAP USEDDS USEDREFRESERV USEDCHILD rpool 4.23T 11.1T 0B 140K 0B 11.1T root@backup:~$ zpool list rpool NAME SIZE...
  7. [SOLVED] Replication - space quota exceeded

    Hello There are not set quotas on rpool or rpool/data Iam running proxmox VE 6.3-6, details bellow Iam planning upgrade to 6.4-x at friday, but i dont expect it to fix this problem.
  8. [SOLVED] Replication - space quota exceeded

    Hello, we are having problem with host replication. The host have 16GB disk, which is about 25% full. But when replication starts,after 2GB trasnfered it ends with an error cannot receive incremental stream: destination rpool/data/subvol-150-disk-0 space quota exceeded The error is about space...
  9. Blocked tasks in dmesg and kern.log

    Some of them do have same problems (problems happens 100% on servers which contain logs about blocked tasks from previous post). And some have even same hardware. Disks are mostly in hotswap front positions, but some of the servers does not have hotswap positions, so its connected internally...
  10. Blocked tasks in dmesg and kern.log

    Hi, here are details you asked for. On another servers we have similar issues with blocked tasks with different Samsung disks Samsung_SSD_860_PRO_1TB and Samsung_SSD_860_EVO_1TB About resources, nothing looks unusual...on server with 80%+ RAM and 50-70% CPU wearout there are no errors but...
  11. Blocked tasks in dmesg and kern.log

    Hello, we are having problems with proxmox servers, our server sometimes freeze or something and does not work for like 2-10 minutes until he unfreeze and continue work...our monitoring system is reporting these freezes, because the server does not respond to ping. In log we found "INFO: task...
  12. Replication doing full sync instead of incremental sync

    Hello and thank you for response. I compared snapshots on main host and replicated host, both are the same, but new replication already did ran, so its probably pointless to compare it right now, when it works...i try it when it "fails". What do you mean by "compare on both sides with list"?
  13. Replication doing full sync instead of incremental sync

    Hello, we are facing problems with replication. Like once a month, our container replication is doing "full sync" instead of "incremental sync". The container have few hundreds of GB so its really annoying. Why it is doing full sync when initial full sync already happened. Thanks for any advice.
  14. [SOLVED] Corosync not synchronized with another nodes

    libknet1 1.16-pve1 update fixed problem with nodes not connecting into cluster after restart/network failure Problems with restarting nodes still persists.
  15. Restarting server crashes ethernet adapter on other nodes

    knet 1.16 slightly improved stability of the cluster New info - we have restarted 1 node, but another 3 nodes fall down and restarted...on all 3 nodes, i found (around time of the restart - 12:57) some watchdog messages. Is it possible, that watchdog is causing some panic and restarting the...


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