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  1. [SOLVED] problem with pct enter and run a script with "#!/usr/bin/env bash" - not working

    Hello everybody, I connect to some LXC Container with pct enter ID. After this I have a script like this here: #!/usr/bin/env bash export SOME_ENV_PATH="path/to/file.env" read -p "Please give your name:" Name If i comment out the line, the script is working fine export...
  2. Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    Hello again, Ok I have installed it in KVM VM nice! Next question I have some NFS Shared Storage for Backup, how can I connect it to PBS? Is there any option for direct attach NFS like PVE? I see your screenshots on website, looks like you use some external Storage Providers too. Regards, Oliver
  3. PBS on LXC

    Is some LXC template on Roadmap, like PMG?
  4. Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    Hello, Proxmox-Backup is a very nice product! I have some questions: 1. Is it possible to install PBS into a LXC Container? (or it its better in a VM?) probably a vm is better but is lxc running? 2. Is it possible to get Lets Encrypt Certificate for PBS? At the moment the machine have self -...
  5. Update Proxmox Mail Gateway Proxmox Container

    Danke für die schnelle Rückmeldung! Bedeutet also das ich ein PMG Container Template auch mit dem apt repo updaten kann: deb buster pmg-no-abonnement Im Standard ist kein Repo aus das Enterprise Repo hinterlegt! Und anschließend kann ich mit apt-get...
  6. Update Proxmox Mail Gateway Proxmox Container

    Hallo zusammen, wie wird der Proxmox Mail Gateway Container auf einem Proxmox PVE Hoste geupdatet? Bzw. wie geht man hier bei einem Update genau vor? Ich habe das Proxmox Mail Gateway aus dem Templates installiert. Kann ich einfach ein apt Repo einbinden? Wenn ja welches? Danke und Gruß!
  7. Wireguard with Proxmox KVM Machine and Proxmox Firewall

    Hello, I have installed Wireguard in Proxmox KVM virtual Ubuntu Machine, because many changes must be do for running it into a lxc container. My Wireguard works fine clients can connect and everything worked. So my Wireguard VM have a network adapter with a public ip address. So I enabled the...
  8. Proxmox 6 lxc container not generate mac address error message in syslog

    Hello, I have Proxmox 6 Server with LXC Containers. If I added some network adapter to one container everything works fine, mac address is on default settings (auto). But no mac address will generate. In syslog I have this error message: systemd-udevd[22359]: link_config: autonegotiation is...
  9. [SOLVED] Proxmox 6.0-9 DNS Host settings reset every time

    Hello everyone, I have a big problem with DNS Settings in Proxmox 6.0-9. If I edit DNS Settings via Webinterface (Host -> System -> DNS) every time the settings will be erase after 1-2 minutes. I enter two other DNS Servers and save settings, now for about 1-2 minutes settings work but after...
  10. PMG and Grafana Stats with InfluxDB status.cfg

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to have some Grafana Stats for Proxmox Mailgateway in InfluxDB with Grafana Dashboard? With Promox PVE no problem ( ) Is there any way to have External Metric Server for Proxmox Mailgateway? Thanks!
  11. Templates folder sync between master and nodes

    Hello, I have create the /etc/pmg/templates folder. This folder is sync between master and nodes everything works fine. But if I create some file with postmap command this file is not synced to the nodes, why? I think the rsync(?) between master and nodes exclude .db file which was create with...
  12. Problem with Verify Receivers and bounce message / Recipient address lookup failed

    Okay one last question I have relay_recipient_maps.db create on master. This file is under /etc/pmg/templates/ BUT this will not replicate to the nodes why? How can I enable this?
  13. Problem with Verify Receivers and bounce message / Recipient address lookup failed

    Okay found my problem it looks like the query problem! SELECT maildir.... not working for domain or mailbox ;-)
  14. Problem with Verify Receivers and bounce message / Recipient address lookup failed

    No MySQL Connection is no problem I can reach the port from the machine. I log I found this: mail pmg-smtp-filter[14892]: 20D3A5D7915AD930F0: accept mail to <> (729B220DA4) (rule: default-accept) But on this point the postfix have alreay send 250 O.K. right? Because I have...


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