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  1. PBS Datacenter Crashes

    Great, looking forward to fix, it is already a great product.
  2. PBS Datacenter Crashes

    Only the pbs package on the server side, did not touch anything on PVE servers.
  3. How to move VM (including snapshots) to a new storage?

    I would also really love to move VM with snapshots but i dont know if it is possible with QEMU/LXC atm.
  4. PBS Datacenter Crashes

    I've downgraded to .16 as same as here , and it works now.
  5. PBS Datacenter Crashes

    Ironwolf 4tb, so 5400rpm. I don't know about speeds,but the culpript could be some PBS-set timeout for the datastore.
  6. install in virtual box

    Https not http .
  7. PBS Datacenter Crashes

    Hm, i guess now with .21 it is better,but is still got one more backup failed(against 3 in two versions before).
  8. PBS Datacenter Crashes

    Well storage is OMV ,with proxmox PBS installed, 4x4tb in raidz1 , and it happens when i run scheduled backup, which runs from multiple PVE server(2-4) simultaneously. Network is 1Gbps. I believe it all worked up until one or two versions.
  9. PBS Datacenter Crashes

    Yes this problem is here from lets say two versions ago. Before that,i didn't have this problem.
  10. Bios update C2100 running proxmox

    Try Hiren's Boot, it is Windows from USB
  11. What is the current status online migration between Intel and AMD

    I have 6 node cluster with almost all intel generations, and all works well. As for the AMD servers, i still don't have any, but i guess when lenovo lowers prices we could buy one.
  12. Best practice for Windows Server file server?

    We have some OMV as windows file server,and one Windows file server as it is(virtualized from physical machine). Whatever rocks your boat.
  13. Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    If you wanto make sure that the backups arent compromised, make another folder/disks/etc on backup host,and copy the backup files there regularly.
  14. [SOLVED] Problem with QEMU Agent and Windows 2019 Server

    Yes, mine problem also, i just forgot to post about it.
  15. AMD Ryzen system cost more memory, cpu usage than Xeon system.

    Unusually high load always points to I/O(storage)


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