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  1. CloudLinux running inside KVM kernel error?

    Turned out to be an apache process taking lots of memory in a matter of seconds. After fixing that issue this kernel message never appeared again.
  2. CloudLinux running inside KVM kernel error?

    Hi, We have a cloudlinux system running plesk installed as a VM on proxmox, running inside KVM. Now, we got this kernel error recently (see below) and we wonder what could be the cause of this? The VM is configured with a 2 sockets 6 cores CPU, the host has 2x L5460 CPU's. 16GB of ram...
  3. "Delay warning Time (hours)" ? Does it ever send a warning?

    I have "Delay warning Time (hours)" set at 4, the default. Yet, I have a message in the queue for over 24 hours and never received a warning?
  4. Is PMG supposed to auto-update the 'spam dector' rules ? (sa-update?

    I'm new to PMG, been using it for only 3 days now. Quite satisfied too! But the past days I always manually went to Spam Dector > Status > Update Now in order to update the spamassassin rules. Today I didn't do it manually and it still didn't update automatically. For clamav there's a...
  5. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    I have installed pyzor with "apt-get install pyzor" and added this to my /etc/mail/spamassassin/ loadplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Pyzor use_pyzor 1 Testing with 'echo "test" | spamassassin -D pyzor 2>&1' tells me spamassassin is only showing me "dbg: pyzor: network tests on...
  6. Suggestion: "Spam" and "Ham" button on quarantaine page? To train SA

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a SPAM and HAM button at the top, next to the WHISTLIST and DELIVER buttons on the quarantaine page? That way we can easily train SpamAssassin by feeding HAM and SPAM message that are in quarantaine. And it shouldn't be hard to add either.
  7. Question: Does PMG train the bayesian filter for outgoing emails?

    I can't find it in the code so I don't think it does? And it doesn't seem to train messages as ham either when users click the "deliver" button from quarantaine? Why not?
  8. Question: Does PMG train the bayesian filter for outgoing emails?

    Is PMG training the bayes filter when emails are sent on the internal port (26) by users?
  9. How to log subjects of all incoming email?

    I haven't looked at the pmg-log-tracker code yet but might need to do that later if I make more changes. If I'm going to read into that code I'll get back to you.
  10. How to log subjects of all incoming email?

    Well, /usr/bin/pmg-smtp-filter is a python script which you can edit with your favorite editor. What i changed: First, add this somewhere between the 'use' statements at the beginning of the file: use PVE::Tools; Then search for this line: $self->log (3, "$queue->{logid}: new...
  11. Outgoing filter - spam - aren't those notifications dangerous?

    Some of our internal systems are webservers so a hacker can certainly forge the envelope-sender too. Disabling the "Notify Sender" action is an option but then nobody gets a notification, not even if the system incorrectly thinks an outgoing email is spam. That's why it's probably not a good...
  12. Eicar test email not delivered and not in virus quarantaine?

    If you check your logs (syslog) you should see two mails there. The one containing the virus has been relayed to the quarantaine (but the system doesn't list it in the quarantaine or anything) the other one is delivered just fine. But the virus mail is relayed to the quarantaine without any...
  13. Eicar test email not delivered and not in virus quarantaine?

    testing manually, sending the eicar test file, works perfectly fine. But when using that website it doesn't work. You can try the site yourself. Let it send the test emails to your own email address.
  14. Outgoing filter - spam - aren't those notifications dangerous?

    If we configure proxmox mail gateway to filter outgoing spam it will effectively filter spam and virusses. But it will also send notifications to both the sender and the admin in case an email gets blocked. This behaviour is fine for normal users but what happens if an account of one of our...


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