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  1. Server fails to boot

    I have similar error, my server proxmox begin to frozen and after I lost connectivity and I need reboot manually. when I start again my node, I receive this alert: dmesg |grep ata8 [ 8.097820] ata8: SATA max UDMA/133 abar m524288@0x92200000 port 0x92200180 irq 68 [ 8.411662] ata8...
  2. ceph crush map

    My cuestion is, how I create ceph, and vm storage, before to create crushmap. my vm's are living in the default rule, this rule include all disk, but now, I want to move some servers to the new rules, my question is about the process.. Understanding, now I need create new pool, and after...
  3. ceph crush map

    I have a issue. I create a rules in crush map, the rules are desing to ssd,nmve and hdd, but now I need move the disk partitions , for example ssd partitions= osd.4 to my rule replicated_ssd. what can I do? I think I need some step top config the rules with osd.4 but I'm now sure...
  4. rrd.journal as last log

    I have similar experience, after a couple days working my node, I receive this logs. and inmediatly after, I lost my node Nov 2 21:46:48 xxxxxxx rrdcached[5156]: flushing old values Nov 2 21:46:48 xxxxxxx rrdcached[5156]: rotating journals Nov 2 21:46:48 xxxxxxx rrdcached[5156]: started...
  5. [SOLVED] ZFS Missing or Invalid Label Issue

    I have some similar experience, I install proxmox with 2 HDD SSD of 500GB, when I install, I create partition mirror ,everything work good, but today, I have issues, the node begin to stop services and not work approperly. and when I check the disc I can see one disk is unavailable, for...
  6. Gaming on Proxmox based VM's

    I can connect with parsec but It show's black screen only.
  7. Gaming on Proxmox based VM's

    I have a similar config, 1 node 4 vm's and 4 GPU , each gpu with one VM, also, this vm need run over a hard disk, is not possible use over CEPH. for run I make the next config : 1-vm +Windows10+1PGU+local disk. everything run ok, but when I try to use "parsec" applications, I can not...
  8. Anyone using CSF (Config Server Firewall)????

    If you want to use csf and, in the same time you have a cluster, you need to add this ip # Manually allowed: (-) - Mon Sep 24 09:08:21 2018. for some reason is necesary add, I don;t know how is, if this ip check some services, or something, but after add in my...
  9. Move/convert OnApp image

    can you give me more information about how you can do it please. thanks for you help
  10. Move/convert OnApp image

    I have the similar case, I need move some vm are running in Onapp to proxmox., somebody have some tutorial, or experience in make this migration? Thanks
  11. [Solved] NFS-Storage mount error 500 after Update

    I have something similar Create storage failed: error with cfs lock 'file-storage_cfg': mount error: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting (500). Somebody have idea?
  12. [SOLVED] Proxmox on WHMCS

    You need buy products of proxmox Cloud or proxmox vps or both in Whmcs, in modules section.
  13. [SOLVED] Proxmox on WHMCS

    First, you need know your infrastructure, for example, if you have PROXMOX>> FIREWALL>> WHMCS, you need open port 8006, for connection. check if you have conectivity with your server. you need this result. or install nmap in your whmcs and check the port of your proxmox (8006) is open.
  14. [SOLVED] reboots hang with "watchdog did not stop"

    In the last upgrade of proxmox, I begin with the same problems of watchdog . but is only in one node of my cluster. How can force stop watchdog? pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 5.1-42 (running kernel: 4.13.13-6-pve) pve-manager: 5.1-47 (running version: 5.1-47/97a08ab2) pve-kernel-4.13: 5.1-42...
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